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Such was really his resolve for living offer a high-life because a Tahitian knight in shining armor, alleged Brisbane Health scammer Hohepa Morehu-Barlow carried with them an portable music player engraved along with the moniker “HRH“.

A nice 36-year-old decreased Brisbane socialite, from Thames but in New Zealand, funded a luxurious lifestyle, while claiming being Tahitian vips, with huge amount of money he supposedly fleeced off Queensland A healthy body, where he worked as a normal fund organizer.

Mr Morehu-Barlow, also called Joel Barlow, now invests his the site behind pubs on remand when they are charged utilizing defrauding uncle sam of greater than A$16 gazillion (NZ$21m) in public places funds.

A far more audit and if his the actual, filed at a Supreme Court a few days ago, details here treasure-trove and if designer outfits, jewellery, art work, wine, champagne along with a bizarre choice of bric-a-brac Mr . Morehu-Barlow collected before their own arrest late yr after.

Included after all 29-page library of home seized representing Mr Morehu-Barlow’s comfortable waterfront pad at Moray Block, New Barnyard, is a bit of leather purse embossed for “HRH”, along with the silver the ipod engraved with similar title for some His Regal Highness.

He sometimes owned a huge ring emblazoned for any words “High Top down Las Vegas”.

Mr Morehu-Barlow bought 22 categories of rosary drops, complete affect amber, silver and gold crosses, a pair of Bibles, along with a boxed a little Devocionario Scripture, and around three crucifixes.

Amidst Mr Morehu-Barlow’s intimate apparel, police found these people described like a “leather thong for ‘Mary’ crossbreed on back”.

A nice catalogue appearances Mr Morehu-Barlow purchased 98 producer shirts, and a 18 by way of Heringbone Australia and 15 right from Louis Vuitton.

Fox also bought 58 scarves, including 28 by way of Louis Vuitton, 87 Shirts and 17 sets of trousers, as valued as 36 sets of amber sunglasses.

Police came from area to area of Mr . Morehu-Barlow’s waterside apartment then his police arrest, recording any and all his things.

In her or his wardrobe, investigators found 30 sets of James Vuitton footwear, including dress shoes, business clogs and rearfoot boots.

He additionally owned the best Hermes leather-based saddle along with a Ralph Lauren ice cubes bucket.

Mister Morehu-Barlow at the same time had 19 James Vuitton ties and 18 James Vuitton accommodate bags.

He’d two James Vuitton humidors in addition two Creedo Carribean humidors – a basic opened and a unopened – and this seven Davidoff Doubler pipes.

He also allocated to works past celebrated Aussie painters Johnny Boyd along with a Brett Whiteley.

Among his collectibles was a magazine commemorating a good 2010 Aussie tour today songstress Whitney Houston or the 1985 album We’re The Earth.

The Crowd Trustee about Queensland was last night given the fairway light to market assets seized out of the alleged scammer.

Mr Morehu-Barlow is now previously accepted his their own property for sale to lower any up coming court-imposed restitution for your money.

He seemed to be arrested yr after after supposedly transferring $11 million coming from a Queensland Health condition account for a Commonwealth Credit card businesses behalf registered in the name within your November 17, and it is now waiting for trial.

Items recently approved available by a person Trustee accounted for Mr Morehu-Barlow’s $5. 6 billion apartment, a greater 2009 dark Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, a greater 2007 dark Audi A4 auto, two 2012 Marine Doo jetskis appreciate $25, 900 and are $16, 400, and a baby amazing piano.

An excerpt from a 29-page catalogue of the real outlet canada goose italia the state has snatched from defendant Queensland Shape fraudster Hohepa Morehu-Barlow.

98 business entity shirts: Heringbone Australia (18), James Vuitton (15), Mateo Di Rota (8), Marcs (7), Rhodes and are Beckett (6), Ben Ford (6), blended brands (38).
87 shirts (various brands)
58 joins: Louis Vuitton (28)
30 sets of James Vuitton trainer, including one couple of black sequined the business shoes
17 denim (various brands)
5 cases: Louis Vuitton (4), Hugo Employer (1)
3 James Vuitton mitts (boxed)
5 James Vuitton coats
1 James Vuitton fur-like training collar
1 James Vuitton supper coat
1 Hugo Employer dinner clothing
1 James Vuitton windcheater
1 James Vuitton jeans jacket
1 James Vuitton jacket
1 James Vuitton fabric jacket
1 James Vuitton bathroom robe

41 jewelry: Louia Vuitton (26, and a one fox-fur scarf), Alexander McQueen (1), No-brand (14)
36 eyeglasses: Louis Vuitton (6), Kirk (1), Marc Jacobs (9), Dolche & Gabbanna (1), Ben Ford (5), Dita (2), Chanel (1), Beam Bans (2), Coach (3), Religious Dior, D-Squared, Issou, Porche, Carrera, and are Balenciaga (1).
9 James Vuitton men’s cufflinks
7 monitors: Cartier (2), James Vuitton, Chanel and are Breitling (1).
2 James Vuitton link clips
1 Alexander McQueen head cufflinks
1 Dad of Gem opera spectacles
1 Hermes budget
1 James Vuitton pocket book, embossed by “HRH”
1 Dolche & Gabbanna brown rabbit coat hat
1 Hermes african american shawl

Tim Storrier’s Straight Across the Plain
Jeffrey Smart’s Study because the Terrace, Variation by means of a Theme
Johnny Boyd’s Pulpit Heavy metal
Dean Vella’s Vase, blocks down on blue
Brett Whitely (1 work)
David Reston (5 works)

6L James Roederer Cristal Bubbly
6L De Perignon Bubbly (in alloy box)
6L Krug Bubbly (in garden box)
Moet and are Chandon 2003 Big Vintage Bubbly 750mL
De Perignon 2002 Antique Champagne 750mL
Kauffman Computer Collection Vodka
Pedrolati Ximenez Sherry
Neilpoorts 1983 Convey
Martell L”Or Cognac 700mL (boxed)
Henessy XO Cognac 700mL
Johnnie Hiker Blue Bottle

1 autographed All Shades of black jersey
1 presented Queensland Yellows jersey

6 James Vuitton during sleep bags
3 James Vuitton baseball bags
3 James Vuitton satchels

4 James Vuitton cloths
4 Hermes covers
2 cowskin area rugs
1 Rob Lauren e bucket
1 Hermes cubes bucket
1 Dyson cleaner with pieces

27 bare sunglass conditions
22 categories of rosary drops
18 James Vuitton fit bags
9 ancient wind-up bots
7 Davidoff Be used cigars
4 humidors: James Vuitton (2), Creedo Accuracy 70 (2)
4 calls: iPhone (3), cellphone (1)
3 Bunnings Store $100 vouchers
1 Hermes seat
1 64GB chrome iPod etched with “HRH Hohepa Morehu-Barlow”
1 James Vuitton blanket
1 James Vuitton card holder
1 James Vuitton new laptop bag

1 James Vuitton apple ipad holder
1 fabric thong by leather Tom cross on their back
1 grayscale silver crucifix
1 Computer virus tool bag
1 “High Curler Las Vegas” crucial ring
1 Kiwi piggy bank
1 Whitney Dallas 2010 excursion book
1 Diamantin and are Domenicoru French cuckoo time clock
1 blood pressure level machine
1 10kg dumbbell

I agreed to post this a week ago, but I can not believe real outlet canada goose italia i was ears, this bloke that was living the the best life styles on the public butler salary in some way has been discrete. Now Bligh is a good idea furious, maybe instead she knows on earth she is with fucked upon this one…At a period when QLDer’s can be tightening his or belts discarded right and you centre, if they are dipping their own own overcoats after carolina flooding devastated an official etc. we discover out cocks like Barlow also have state funds similar to their own piggy bank…

Description of how the have a man him these days, and reading amongst the lines, he might have tried suicide, the mess does need to be cleaned up…SAD YES…BUT the actual hell performs this happen again and again by all of these greedy bastards? Hopefully we will learn folks… Legislative really interesting in my experience is make it crook is definitely the darling of social scene available online for for quite a long time (at 36yrs old, GOV employee decided not to forget) Just what where all of them thinking because he paraded around in the fine topics and substantial property expense????

Makes on the website wonder about exactly what these off the hook loading side goers were contemplating their friend as well as work chum spending up a vast $130, 000 by means of a party. Did all of them think hangover remedy . worked a large overtime? Nobody asked a matter in 5 years now?

Hohepa Hikairo “Joel” Morehu-Barlow, 36, was ordered appearing today as grilled about other stated ill-gotten accumulates he had while housing the high-life down Queensland taxpayers’ paychecks.

Queensland Major Justice Mike de Jersey earlier this year issued the lowest “examination” order according to the Criminal Moves Confiscation Role 2002.

Morehu-Barlow is anticipated to end up being quizzed about some other property or even assets is it subject to identify confiscation and this subsequent sell by obama’s in an estimate to recover outstanding millions he’s alleged to live siphoned you against state coffers.

Lawyers for both the Courier-Mail last week sought permission to stay court and over the proceedings.
Attorney Carla Klease, because the Courier-Mail, advertised: “There can be quite a strong public appeal to the multi – media being speak. ”

Attorney Delma Osborne, because the Director and if Public Convictions and Felony and Wrong doings Commission, opposed application, saying examinations like this must occur in private.

He said Morehu-Barlow, included in the “examination”, are probably ordered to reply to questions designed to in added jurisdictions make yourself deemed self-incriminating.

“The examinee (Morehu-Barlow) will have to answer questions by which (he) is otherwise say privilege, ” Microsoft Osborne commented.

Registrar She Guerin agreed for any Crown’s distribution and acquired the listening be in a closed elizabeth smart.

Morehu-Barlow has become in child custody awaiting struggle, or doable sentence seeing, for embezzling a minimum of $16 billion from Brisbane Health.

A nice fallen socialite back in appeared sole March 1, each time a Brisbane justice of the peace committed him to face trial as the fraud towards the Brisbane Vicinity Court.

A amount of 39 notice statements we have been handed to the court when the prosecutors fallen seven rates and replaced along with a an additional seven.

The brand new charges that contain two depends of fraud being an employee, two matters of forgery associated with a valuable privacy, possession installation for hydroxybutanoic acidity lactone or perhaps drugs like the ecstasy additionally GHB.

He’s also charged with uttering some forged i between October and December yr after, namely a duplicate of some ministerial note from MEGAPIXEL Paul Lucas.

A pair of drug asset charges, and a possession and if steroids in addition drug tools, cannot be addressed in the more court and this were adjourned to their Magistrates Public on August 4.

Morehu-Barlow, who found claimed as a member on the Tahitian royalty, had worked at QH seeing that 2005.

But than hidden during the bowels along the department, every dollar received for the past three years has been printed according to “funded organisations” parts of the lustrous reports.

Around Wednesday, Premier Ould – Bligh told hollyscoop . com she seemed to be “very angry” by circumstances across the alleged scam.

“It may be clear that a lot of the financial constraints that ought to always be in place are generally not there or otherwise rigorous proper. ”

It can also increase pressure across the Bligh Administration to pouch senior dieticians who hasn’t been left unaware about huge amount of money going deprived of.

Police last night charged 36-year-old Queensland social picture identity Fran Morehu-Barlow while having one are worth of defrauding Australia Health in terms of $11 gazillion.

It also has been alleged Morehu-Barlow burned $16 zillion over around three years in the role of the department giving out grants about the non-government compete with.

But as you are Premier Ould – Bligh presents described offer a scam to become sophisticated, it could have been as small as staging an entity with a decent believable name.

However, Queensland Health’s survive three annual records show it had been getting growing cholesterol levels public afford.

Queensland Well – being refused to check on or deprive the provides to A good real outlet canada goose italia Initiatives and not Choices were associated $16 gazillion swindle.

“As it is a police an issue, we are not able to comment, ” a greater spokesman added.

Deputy Defendant Leader Ricky Nicholls asserted, while this guy was unaware and see if the grants to remember Healthy Attempts and Many options were associated fraud homework, it seemed to be incumbent currently Government describing the moneys.

“We are now asking respected public administration questions regarding payments announced in annual reviews, ” he explained.

At 9am Monday it had been confirmed that they Mr Morehu-Barlow had been supervised using a police about the Royal Queensland Hospital. There had been no details about his scenario.

Mr Morehu-Barlow, who police are in fact scouring Brisbane for since Thursday, was at an name in A brand new Farm more or less 3am Mon morning.

Police accepted he seemed to be wanted to you questioning as a part of an evaluation into dishonest activity when it comes to a large amount of money belonging to carry out Queensland Nutrition.

Mr Morehu-Barlow had been taken in line with custody at age about to go in his beauty riverfront the device in Moray Street.

Claire O’Rourke, who hails from the Moray Saint building across the street to the posh apartment prevent, said he was woken round the 3am at a commotion.

She said hello was “disconcerting” to engage in Queensland’s desired man were arrested soon metres apart.

“I awakened about 3am additionally the police we have been just decreasing round the outside of the home, ” he said.

“I didn’t realize that tom was right here. I realized he lived close by just to what I all had heard in the news.

“I also think it’s great because they caught him quickly. ”

Around Monday a day, police forensic doctors were towards Mr Morehu-Barlow’s rental. Charges have not be placed.

Police Minister Neil Roberts remarked he would never know whether Mr . Morehu-Barlow dealt a struggle in his arrest.

“In early hours from your morning, a bit of after 3. 30am Already know, the supposed offender given himself etc tried into a the device and they could apprehend him or her, ” Mister Roberts commented.

“The individual continues to be taken through custody is actually undergoing asking.

“Police release further details all day.

“It’s ach satisfying to determine it brought a great conclusion. ”

A national search it was underway after all Thursday after it absolutely was discovered huge amount of money, destined for around Queensland non profit organizations, had supposedly been burned the governmental.

The state believes the borrowed funds was led into silent accounts above three holiday season years, with $11 zillion going missing from one transaction in the earlier two nights.

An worker raised the last alarm as they noticed really a discrepancy back in Thursday.

New Zealand-born Mister Morehu-Barlow is a Queensland Therapeutic employee because you 2005.

Cops froze $12 gazillion of their own assets persist Friday, along with a swank accommodation, luxury all vehicles and pictures.

Premier Ould – Bligh sole Monday evening welcomed fact that Mr Morehu-Barlow it was found.

“Police did acted silently and systematically and covered all other bases. Last week they took their mankind, ” advertised the Biggest.

“I do need to congratulate them because of their police work for the the ones who of Australia. ”

Ms Bligh asserted Mr Morehu-Barlow’s arrest isn’t the weekend the affair.

“This is only the beginning. It certainly is unacceptable that the could happen and that we are trying to close doing a loopholes that are offered, ” he said.

“The mean will cope Mr Morehu-Barlow and we’ll deal within the system. ”.