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Jujube field management – the plant and fruit
Improve the jujube tree fruit-set rate and reduce the later fruit drop is one of the key measures of jujube fertility. Jujube is a flower, but affected by various nutrition conditions and environmental conditions, and the influence of the fallen petal fruit drop is very serious, picking fruit rate usually only 2. 6%, fruit-set rate usually only 1-1. 5%. So the flower and fruit is especially important.

1, Chinese jujube the main reason for the fallen petal

Jujube tree growth of different organs nutrition competition will cause a lot of the fallen petal. From Chinese jujube phenophase look, jujube tree bud stage, the value date hanging rapid growth stage and jujube head prosperous long-term, into the flowering, jujube head is still in the prosperous long stage. This period of time, Chinese jujube each organ to nutrition competition is so fierce, so easily cause a large number of the fallen petal.

The soil fertility shortage is a cause of jujube tree fallen petal and reason. Jujube from germination to seat fruit this within a period of time, the main consumption is the year the supply of nutrition. My county most barren soil, together with the time and not according to compensatory nutrition, resulting in malnutrition, tree potential weak, part of the flower bud dead and withered and yellow early fall. Due to the reservior nutritional deficiencies, though most of the flowers open but not seat fruit, forming flower but not real.

The change of external environment in Chinese jujube flower fruit drop of the third reason. Shaanxi in June for more general drought season, air relative humidity is too low, the temperature is too high, cause “JiaoHua”, reduce pollination probability, affects the fruit setting ability. Occasionally in the year LianYinYu days, because the temperature is low, the rain immersion time long, make the pollen grain suction a crack in the form of “mould flower”, influence pollination seat fruit.

2, improve fruit-set rate measures

Affecting jujube fruit setting reasons, in addition to strengthen the water management, enhance the tree potential outside, take some technical measures can also improve fruit-set rate and recovery factor.

(1) regulating nutrient operation

According to the date of growth period each organ nutrition competition, take artificial pruning technology, adjust the vegetative and reproductive growth the contradiction between, improve fruit-set rate. The main measures taken have open a (the masses that steer date), in addition to sprout (the masses that play full bud), pick the heart (some call dozen jujube peak), heading leave base, torsional tip, pull branch, and other means.

(2) improve the field microclimate

In northern shaanxi jujube flowering ShiNianJiuHan, “JiaoHua” phenomenon seriously, coated within the low-fluidity oil-deposit in water, improve air relative humidity, increase fruit-set quantity. General water jet in the afternoon 4 — 5 undertake later, the spray a can be stagger jujube flower loose powder time. The second is to maintain a long wetting time. General even spray two days effect was more obvious. Combined with water can also be appropriate spray some trace elements.

(3) spraying trace elements

According to Chinese jujube malnutrition, tree potential weak, can be coated, fruit expands the period timely spraying some common or trace elements nutrition supplement, also can improve fruit-set rate and reduce the later fruit drop. General flowering spray 0. 3-0. 4% urea, 20 PPM 2. 4 – D aqueous solution, wood jujube flowering, young fruit stage spray 3 200 PPM nye sodium acetate can improve fruit-set rate 73. 3%., flowering still can spray 0. 2-0. 3% of boric acid and borax. Also can spray 300 times zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate diluent, fruit expands the period spray 10-20 PPM GuoFeng obvious effects of the spirit. Jujube fruit harvest befor.