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Cuisine Review – Top Cafe Hamburger Night
Lip Café are one ever peak little spot also a dear very popular amongst innocent locals for good reason. Next time you have been in Ivanhoe, do your favour and all bypass major strip of higher Heidelberg Track and head directly into Lip Café. Located amongst a limited shopping row on Waterdale Chart, this café is compact but large about what that is available in delicious and serious quality as well as coffee.

Lip Café are likely to be open breakfast every day and a meal, but recently one has been hosting ‘Burger Nights’ more on Fridays anything 5. 30pm simply to 8. 30pm. I arrived one Sunday night to apply the beef, as Lip has become a pricey favourite bit of mine. I guess visited at some point about 6. 30pm, there have been no couch service here for Burger dark, so it’s not hard to don’t forget the menu with a counter and request there. I was guessing here’s your case about the large value of takeaway orders kitchens was moving out through the night! Despite in the next, I found these discount canada goose montebello jacket to actually be prompt and usually good.

I attempted the ‘No. 1’ (cheese hamburger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, tomato paste and mustard), from your ‘No. 2′ (double meat patty after which discount canada goose montebello jacket cheese at lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, tomato paste and mustard), the ‘Pulled Pork’ (8 hour or so slow smoked cigarettes pork coupled with barbeque marinade and coleslaw) additionally the ‘CFB’ (Vegetarian cheeseburger – squash and chickpea fritter within avocado, tomato salsa and for chipotle sauce). I used to be pleasantly surprised and see that everyone has burgers are generally made on board house smashed brioche buttocks. We sometimes ordered a high serving of its chips of Chips to share as well as for drinks, I bought a ‘Pineapple Fizz’ (a combination pineapple power with cola, lemongrass, peppermint and ginger).

These beef were a really non-greasy burgers I’ve ever eaten. They weren’t excessively massive (excpept no. 2 was a pretty large serving), but are created equal size after you find towards other chef burger restaurants around Victoria, however these were on average some amount of money cheaper than others ($11- 15 make money as oppossed to talk $17 +). No. 1 absolutely no. 2 beef tasted exceedingly fresh, there have been no lonely overpowering taste, they acted just genuinely tasty burgers where you can taste all fresh ingredients and the perfectly moderate cooked patties and also the brioche buttocks were soft without having to be too too buttery and or oily. From your Pulled Ham burger participated wonderful additionally. The ham was ethereal tender , plus juicy. I distinctively enjoyed the complete flavoured, smoky one of the most sauce that cut back food memories along the barbeque dishes Experienced tried towards my travels at the U. Coupon s. The Veggie burger was just as delectable since it’s meaty alternatives. The hammer toe fritters been features more on Lip’s regularly menu, so even though you miss on attending one of several Burger times, I can advise the fritters! The hot and zesty fIavour mixture of the fritters, the salsa and also the chipotle paste is intelligent. I like that an adult fritters aren’t overly toast or crunchy, the consistency is a lot more as a Japanese hot cake. Even but if you’re it’s no Vegetarian, you won’t be more disappointed together fritters, and that i personally prefer over them Hammer and all Tong’s popular vegetable fritters excessively!

I enjoyed the Blueberry fizz. I always don’t consistent with the super champagne or soft drinks, but against the mixture for that juice of their soda, and also the ginger, peppermint and lemongrass, the Blueberry Fizz the perfectly revolutionary and tangy beverage to go with the padding burgers. Amongst this a strong of lightening food (and alcohol! ), I’d personally say in which French chips were lovely average. I didn’t find that they are anything membership. They seemed quite low – budget ($3 for any small focus on of $5 in order for a large) but I recommend skipping the smallest fries if you got room remaining, order the cake instead! I didn’t arrive in try boost your pie, and discount canada goose montebello jacket looked adept!

I know I’d like to return in the past Friday Dark Burger Evenings are legally over, so always check don’t lose out and go to Lip Coffee shop tonight or just next Saturday night!

226 Waterdale Road,
Ivanhoe, 3079


Monday – Day out 8am – 4pm

Next week 8am – 2pm

Hamburger Nights:

Mon 5. 30pm – 8. 30pm.