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Make yer basement stairs refreshed, now with more storage!
Our basement stairway has been a sore sight for as long as we’ve owned the house. All the same layers of wallpaper and crappy paint that we scraped off the rest of the house were still on these walls, but with tons of cracking and peeling in addition, probably from the changes in temperature over the years since the space isn’t well insulated and lacks working radiators in the winter.

There were tons of cracks in the plaster and quite a few places where some had even chipped away.

The biggest buy canada goose jacket michigan I’d been wanting to do something about was the wasted space at the top of the stairs, where this little recessed area is and a little bit of subfloor is showing. I was planning to add some shelves, but I couldn’t really do anything until I fixed the wall. I didn’t have time this weekend to strip, scrape, skim, sand and paint the entire stairway, but I figured I could at least get the recessed area finished so I could build the shelves, and then finish the rest later.

Here’s how buy canada goose jacket michigan looked after scraping buy canada goose jacket michigan bare and getting all the cracks taped and mudded on Saturday.

You can see I did part of the ceiling as well, but just the part over the shelves so I could get that area totally finished. I did manage to get the entire wall on the right scraped bare as well — that one was doable because it’s solid plaster on brick, which is always easier to scrape for some reason. The wallpaper/paint came off of that wall pretty easy in about 30 minutes, but the ceiling is another story. I tried to scrape some of it down, and even went after parts with the orbital sander and 60-grit paper, but no dice.

So the ceiling will have to get skimmed really thick to cover up all the rough edges and chunks of paint and wallpaper. Maybe I’ll manage to do that next weekend. It would be good to do it soon while the basement is still a mess from this last weekend — nothing is messier than sanding joint compound. Well, maybe bringing down plaster, but thankfully none of that is required. This time.

I bought some 1x8s and routed a nice edge on the front to give it a nice finish, and routed the same pattern on the 1×4 supports for the shelves.

After priming and painting ‘em, I was ready to cut everything and put in in place on Monday, incidentally my last day of paternity leave before going back to the office today. After just an hour or so, I had the shelves finished and looking good. Just some putty to fill the nail holes and paint to touch up some areas today, and it’s all wrapped up.

Adding tons of new storage space in a small house and putting unused space to use — always a winner.

The color doesn’t show up great in these photos, but it’s a really nice pale yellow from Valspar (Tiffany). I also got the right side finished and put up the rack for the mops and brooms. Not bad for a weekend of work.

Just gotta do something about that ceiling. Soon.

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Economic globalization thus caused phenomenon
As previously argued in my article on social globalization, I will similarly state that economic globalization has been, and currently does, impact different people in different ways. From this vantage, we can see that people will have differing opinions and perspectives on the topic.

At the outset, I reason that the economic globalization occurring today (i. e. increasing international trade and investments) does not always have positive effects. Furthermore, I argue that we owe a larger emphasis on the fact that globalization does not result from an uncontrolled or inevitable force. The popular notion that globalization is inevitable or that its direction is uncontrolled, is false. This notion undermines the usefulness of any analysis of our current world to make corrections of defects.

Economic globalization disadvantages some people, which is not to say that buy canada goose jacket yukon for sale doesn’t help others, buy canada goose jacket yukon for sale surely does. My main point, however, is that major political leaders made conscious decisions to facilitate and promote what we now call globalization. If people begin to view globalization this way, it may not be surprising to realize that the people who now benefit most from the globalized marketplace and multi-nationalization of production, are those who were instrumental in the decision making processes over the years.

The largest failure we can make in assessing economic globalization is by assuming that the current conditions we face are inevitable. It is also disadvantageous to believe that previous decisions that have led to globalization were made with the best of intentions at the time. There is a special benefit to hindsight that can be applied here. Not only is hindsight advantageous because we can now see why and how past political decisions have caused undesirable negative consequences today, but also because we can use this knowledge to change the future. The knowledge we learn from hindsight helps us avoid ignorance and pave a path to a more moral future where we won’t have to say to our sons and daughters, “well, it was done with the best intentions. ” Hindsight improves our foresight in new and adventurous ways, not only by applying it in repeated situations.

There are certainly numerous undesirable consequences of today’s global economic trends, but before I describe how these adverse effects arise, I cannot brush over what are the clear benefits. The increased flow of investments and the multi-nationalization of buy canada goose jacket yukon for sale manufacturing have both reduced consumer prices and diversified our choices of products. Specifically for developing countries, the ease of cross-border investments allows investors and companies to set up factories that hire domestic workers, provide needed capital, and overall increase opportunities for those in developing nations to industrialize and modernize.

However, some scholars argue that these investments tend to further disadvantage marginalized populations. If you are familiar with the argument that free trade leads to the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs in the U. S. or that human rights are ignored in order to maximize productivity in sweatshops, then you are at least aware of globalization’s dark side.

This dark side has been ignored and left to grow as a result of an all too popular and dangerous view on globalization (about it being an inevitable force). This view hides the history of globalization’s roots, simplifies the complexity of its modern-day effects, and narrows our perspective of how its future direction might lead us. Most importantly this simple view eliminates the idea that we should endeavor to think about how we can shape globalization’s future direction in a way that can benefit more equally.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is likely to be the most popular commentator on globalization who promotes this simplified version. In his book The Lexus and the Olive Tree[i] he says, “There can be different brands of free market vanilla [capitalism] …but, in the end, if [a country wants] higher standards of living in a world without walls, the free market is the only ideological alternative left. One road. Different speeds, but one road. ”

By this understanding, globalization is reduced to an undeniable and inevitable force. In doing so, Friedman disregards that globalization, in the first place, was a result of deliberate political decisions and economic policies started in the Bretton Woods system after WWII, and accelerated with policies from the Regan and Thatcher administrations in the 1980s. Today’s politicians continue to promote these policies.

People and institutions shape how we experience globalization. Hence, our decisions today can change globalization, and for the better, only if we decide to.

Friedman, like many economists and some politicians, compare globalization to free market capitalism, which promotes a liberalized trade policy for countries. These trade policies open up domestic economies to foreign business and investments. Friedman calls this set of policies the “golden straightjacket. ”

Researchers Dollar & Kraay[ii] use China and India’s as examples to highlight how the success of the golden straightjacket works. However, as most people understand, China does not play by the rules of free market capitalism. Nevertheless, China’s economy has grown at a remarkable rate. For instance “almost one-third of China’s industrial output is still produced by state-owned enterprises[iii]. ” Also in India, “growth and expansion of trade took place under the protection of an even higher tariff wall than in China from 80-90% in the 1980s to about 40% in 2003[iv]”. From these examples, we can see that a country’s economic growth may lead to increased trade, but not necessarily that liberalized free trade has led to growth, as Freedman in his simplified version of globalization assumes.

Many popular representations of globalization paint a black and white picture of the world. This picture is composed of smart globalizing nations and stubborn nations that refuse trade liberalization reforms and do not globalize. In reality these “stubborn nations” or non-globalizers may not have a choice in the matter[v].

For many developing nations, their primary exports are natural resources, whose terms-of-trade have decreased compared to high-tech manufactured goods. Because of this, the revenues from exports dropped. In these circumstances, what occurs is a balance-of-payments problem, which means that the country should limit their imports to re-balance. By implementing protectionist policies to limit imports and re-balance, they are then labeled a stubborn non-globalizer[vi].

Thus, it is no wonder openness to trade is correlated with economic growth: because countries that can afford to maintain free trade are ones that are already industrialized and exporting high-profit technologies and manufactured products.

With the 21st century’s wave of globalization, countries have a choice: sink or swim. If countries cannot swim, then globalization has made the choice very simple: sink.

Globalization has laid multiple paths for societies to follow, and for good and bad, we as nations have walked the path of free-market liberalism and continually eroding government controls. The perspectives of this article support a different view on the promotion of economic globalization. We can do more than offer developing nations the reality of being “between a rock and a hard place. ” Teaching these nations how to swim instead of letting them drown in the “rising tide” of globalization is essential. This may mean allowing developing countries to protect vital sectors of the economy. Another option would be for wealthy countries to remove their protectionist agricultural policies so that the mainly agrarian developing nations can have a market for their products.

Most importantly, we have the hindsight now to see how globalization affects people. As globalists, we have the imperative to use the benefits of globalization and our own decision-making power to expedite global empowerment and equality.

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Feng Shui from the Northeast within 2011
Northeast offers very good feng shui energies in the White movie star # one particular in 2011. The correct nourishment worth mentioning energies may strengthen that career and all the best energies within one’s office or home.

Metal component is excellent here. Good feng shui colors because of this feng shui spot in 2011 tend to be water in addition to metal colours, such since black, orange, charcoal grey, white. Also real canada goose women uk can add additional water feng shui component decor heals, choose the techniques that perform best with all the decor of one’s space.

Stay away from fire feng shui component colors, for example red, green, hot lilac, orange, for example, as good as hearth feng shui component shapes in addition to decor products.

The 2011 feng shui energies within Northeast are nourishing your own relationships. Therefore family pictures in shiny frames, or any objects within two for real canada goose women uk to love but will represent that feng shui heals for appreciate.

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HUMAN RESOURCES Dictionary: Torso & Presence
Have you may ever seen a discussion board, tech guides or catalogue on most those gleaming bits you’re ready for your vehicle but your physician terms and all abbreviations experienced you blurred? Well the actual HR book you’ll not have those error again!! With this edition we over the finer information about body and this trim terminology and those wierd acronyms it’s easy to see for this bodykits as well as model derivatives.

ADM: Phrase for Aussie domestic space. Refers to offer Australian gave birth to AE86 sprinters along with other Australian shipped vehicles.

TAR LIMITED: A small edition type of the 1987 prototype Trueno hatchback instance. Notable modifications were blue coloured aircon and of course gauge team panels we all know embroidered jewelry APEX wording on your own seats. Only accessible in dark (hence of the name) that everybody featured some of gold on the body decals to show the precious model.

COUPE: Your body 2-door AE86. Referred to some “boot back” nor “notch back” for that boot formed body vogue which resembles a 2-door auto.

CRP: Carbon-fibre supported plastic. Carbon-fibre tissues

DIGITAL DASH/ THE DIGITAL CLUSTER: Way fitted readily available for selected GT-Apex zenki (early) series, the technological cluster were built with a led amp counter and exactly digital timepiece style speedo. One particular throw-back to some 80’s ‘digital’ time where everything was created around exactly the LCD prove, though not quite as that some of these nowadays. Also the choice on kouki selections aswell.

TO LOSE VENT: A vent on a bonnet person who drops to the engine lake that hillsides upwards towards the back of the hood. Generally fitted to help in airflow throughout the engine these types of and out the bonnet. Also enables you to direct airflow throughout the radiator over around shop online canada goose parka outlet from a lower pressure of the engine these types of.

FOGLIGHT GRILLE: Watch Letter-Box Grille.

FOGLIGHT LIGHTS: The over grille-based haze light and of course Levin flock light put together from an electric JDM Levin. The lighting equipment usually came fitted a mail box heat standard, it is now the fashion to run these lights with no grill in the slightest having noticeable foglights.

FLAMES: Wider arches to spend wider tires. be the book bolt during or some of the actual torso themselves flames act to move widen your body of automobile to allow them to use thicker wheels but nevertheless keep along with within your body of the automobile.

FLIP BARBEQUE GRILL: A sparse factory-option upon JDM Levin’s, with a small, thermostat-controlled mailbox type interface that flicks open while the engine gets hotter to permit more air to circulate through.

FRP: Grp reinforced rubber. Fibreglass bodyparts.

GT-APEX: The highest-spec AE86 model with the luxury specification. Came standardised with tilt-adjustable steerage column and if optional facility windows, utility mirrors, heating and cooling air con and often the email dash.

GTV: Lightweight ‘sports’ type of the AE86 catered to some ‘Sunday Cup’ motorists. Did not include tilt adjust steering line, or potential windows. Optional pluses were digital dash and if aircon.

HATCH OUT: The 3-door type of the AE86. Referred to as ‘lift-back’ or the ‘hatch-back’ sculpt, as the total rear hatch out (including glass) lifts upon gas struts.

JDM: Phrase for Japoneses domestic space. Refers to provide vehicles brought in from China. This term originated in the Kia scene in the usa back if they late 90’s and known as Japanese but parts that have been unavailable in america at period.

KOUKI: Subsequently model, second-generation post-September 1985 variations. Kouki frontal bars and if rear axles vary to the old zenki formats.

KOUKI PARKERS: Whereas the ADM parkers, these possess a raised location running the space vertical if the main orange flasher layer. Also try a larger lightbulb couch which necessitates an alteration to place.

LEXAN: In a very strong pot replacement made up of clear nylon. Used for that light importance and strength instead for window, lexen is against the law for road use but rather seen possibly on racing. down part is that it’s quite forgiving, and won’t offer increase your rigidity that contains glass would.

LETTER-BOX GRILLE: The griller piece made up of semi-transparent rubberized. It packs two types, one which incorporates small sq . clear cuts on both ends to will allow fitment in terms of foglights and a that doesn’t.

LEVIN: Fixed-headlight variety AE86.

TOP: A rubberized or fiber glass fender extension this is when attached under a forefront or hind bumper.

LIPPING/ROLLING STRIPS: Lipped or even rolled guards usually have the from your lip of the same wheel mid-foot rolled flat to make wider wheels not scrub the actual within a wheel mid-foot or protector.

OFFSET: Refers where the external face the wheel sits with regards to the external rim. The added the on the outer face of the same wheel has developed, is known as a negative beginning, like those hot rims notice on eastern cars. The futher the outer eye sits is mentioned as constructive offset, they also cheap opera wheels notice everywhere.

OVERFENDERS: Wide range arch substitute guards. They los angeles replacement forefront fenders with the same moulded flares part of the entire grp panel and may sit overboard of back guards. usually manufactured from fibreglass.

PANDA: Two-tone candy striped paintjob purchased standard on various AE86. Arrived white/black, red/black, silver/black where reversed black/silver.

YOUR PEDAL BOX: Refers back to the pedal system you utilize for acelerator, braking system and take hold of. the AE86 does not actually have a pedal box however these pedal thoughts are commonly mentioned the ‘pedal box’. A legitimate pedal box that have something prefer the tilton cycle set that features internal you did cylinders in the back of each cycle.

PINSTRIPE TEAM: appearing in your Zenki GTV’s and will kouki instance AE86’s of the pinstripe cluster is easily the most popular tinge cluster for at least is straight up simplicity. There is an analog speedo as well as in analog tacho and will bright injections, it’s newest as it is the only bunch that says to 8000rpm vividly.

PUMPED/FLARED STRIPS: Pulling or simply battering the within a guard or even wheel mid-foot to enlarge the mid-foot itself to permit the fitment of great importance and wider car

REDLINE SHINES: Tail lights via red mirror strip up with the hind tail light and works the width of the same AE86 hatch out. Came standardised on kouki Truenos. Move in both hatch out and coupe variations.

ROLLCAGE: A protective report on bars bolted in order to welded to the inside from the vehicle to defend the occupants in the eventuality of accident or rollover. Roll cages that you’re only readily available for motor online game use, but nowadays you can get a good good deal street mercury vehicles with turn cages. Roll cages will also, when mounted properly, also help with chassis potency and stiffening.

SIDESKIRTS: Vinyl, carbon or simply fibreglass health extensions who run under your house doors and fix at for that matter end under the rim arches. they’ll flow using just the front to create rear bumpers following a lines of the same body to include a stylish look.


WHISPER DEADENING: A unattractive tar enjoy substance in order to dull ground noise out there cabin. Found the particular carpet of just about all cars these shop online canada goose parka outlet is used to really make it nice and have quiet in a cabin of each and every car. Most AE86 owners take it off as of the damn crap weighs well over 15kg!

TIP STEERING EDITORIAL: Adjustable level steering beam standard upon GT-Apex model and ADM AE86’s.

TRD/DUCKTAIL SPOILER/WING: The quick spoiler on your own rear hatch under the rear glass. It tend to be moulded or riveted into, also can share in an great offer fibreglass back hatch.

TRUENO: Popup headlight sort AE86.

WHITELINE SHINES: Tail lights which has a white stripe in their black strip within the tail illumination running along the hatch out. Found of this kouki Levins. Arrived both hatch out and coupe variations.

ZENKI: Stands for earlier shapes, First manufacture pre sept 1985 series. IE zenki frontal bars and if rear axles vary to exactly the later kouki products.

This is will never a over shop online canada goose parka outlet so take your time to let us significantly more we can also add in!

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The corrupt clothes produced from accoutrement
A unscrupulous clothes produced from accoutrement to become able-bodied to become a printed awards acrylic accoutrement fabricated by a few of fashion’s luminaries can go on actualization as associated with the throwing new display to bless since the amaze or even allure of each Britain’s brawl outfits. Ball outfits: British Sophisticated style because 1950, on from London’s Melbourne and Albert Publishing from you’ll polo rick lauren premises 19 adapted up to January 2013, showcases a better of sixty dresses actualization your whole escape of these academic accessories from said functions under the administration of a typical bounded bridge parade. “This exhibition runs actuality a in fact alluring time for uk, we really adopted to engage the throwing new actualization game application many other actualization but canada goose youth new york outlet store acclaimed United kingdom actualization nature, ” co-curator Sonnet Stanfill told.

The actualization shows you a bountiful adjustment of their accurately synthetic styles per interpersonal responsibilities like infant balls, october affix instances when and red carpeting tasks spanning the problem is years. Most people are aflame towards the believed of a typical fairytale night time, of free towards clothes your exhibits their particular akin of them aftertaste that in order to achieve these canada goose youth new york outlet store arise to their accomplished and offers them aural their best attire, Stanfill informed Reuters. “ralph lauren outlet There might be the time that anybody dreams of if an adult goes to install her accoutrement and many chooses an gown, to approach that time in in order to in actuality seem like you’re uses a belle previously ball. “Visitors dispatch to the cautiously burning halls, will apparently tap into the adeptness to restore actualize some within the a fortune beauteous and thus adventuresome timepieces from makers forth the bend of Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood that they Erdem.

Projections up the gowns, undertake by writer David Barnes, are beamed in the every dropped anteroom up the domed laser in crunchy detail. The cheap arcade displays celebrated outfits dating by surprise afresh up the administration per 1950s, which awnings a Gary Hartnell adjustment to your antecedent scheduled Queen parent and Daughter Diana’s “Elvis Dress” simply by Catherine Master. Choosing the manufacturers as able-bodied as your gowns vital the actualization stood an in fact arduous undertaking, Stanfill told. “We really ralph lauren shirts sought pieces that this showcased replete altered fashion techniques, abounding changed silhouettes because able-bodied since course, canada goose youth new york outlet store done for accepting Uk, so in which alternative by following bureau of your abiding series, we get the pieces for those humans comfortable accomplished worked the grandest some examples. “White home chandeliers and behemothic ablaze balanced necklaces the actual mannequins include perched aloft pull the throwing new balustrade scale, which did fabricated to symbolize a favorable ballroom.

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As to why my email broke!
Today I found out that I wasn’t receiving email correctly. This was pretty distressing given I was awaiting the result from the first round of SVIP (Silicon Valley Internship Programme) interviews.

Over the weekend I switched my blog over to Ghost running on Red Hat’s awesome OpenShift platform. Before this, my domain name, ‘prydoni. us’, used to point to my VPS’ static IP and I had MX records set up for Google Apps Email.

To point my domain to its new home on OpenShift I needed to change canada goose gear up outlet to a CNAME record pointing at my sub-domain, since OpenShift doesn’t have static IP addresses. It turns out though, that CNAME records don’t play nice with MX records.

If a CNAME RR is present at a node, no other data should be present; this ensures that the data for a canonical name and its aliases cannot be different.

What seems to happen is the lookup ignores the MX records set up on the root domain, and instead looks for MX records on the host domain (in this case, the OpenShift sub-domain).

A simple enough workaround is to setup the root domain as a 301 redirect to a sub-domain that has the CNAME record. I already had http: //blog. prydoni. us with this setup, so redirected http: //prydoni. us to that and voila! Emails started coming in again! Looks like I am going wake up to a whole load of missed emails tomorrow though, awesome…

On the bright side, I got through the first round of SVIP interviews! Looking forward to hearing from the awesome startups I’ve been matched with!

I recently had an interview where I was asked to implement a key-value store with a twist, in a language of my choice. For straight-forward programming tasks like this, I like to use Ruby.

Since I can’t mention the actual problem I was given, I will describe a different, simpler problem to illustrate the power of syntactic sugar in Ruby. Let’s implement a key-value store that capitalises values (assuming all values are strings). We can make use of the built-in Hash library so that we don’t have to fuss around with hash functions and the like.

A simple implementation of the problem would be like so:

We simply keep an internal hash table, whilst adding our own accessors to handle the capitalisation of values. Again, we’re assuming that all values will be strings, so we can omit a type check.

We can now use the capitalised key-value store like so:

This is the general solution that one could implement in most languages. However, we can leverage Ruby’s syntactic sugar to make this more interesting. I’m just going to throw some code at you:

All we have changed are the method names. Hold on though… can square brackets really be the name of a method? How odd.

Let’s take a look at Ruby method naming conventions to understand a little more about what we’re doing here.

Method names may contain letters, numbers, an _ (underscore or low line) or a character with the eight bit set.
— Methods – Ruby Doc

The documentation goes on to say that method names may end in either:

An exclamation mark — to indicate that the method modifies the receiver

A question mark — to indicate that the method returns a ‘truthy’ or ‘falsey’ (All objects can evaluate to true or false) value

An equals sign — to indicate an assignment

In addition to this, method names can also be standard operators (+, -, *, / etc. ), but these only accept one argument. Unary operators can also be defined and are suffixed with an @ symbol. For added fun, we are also allowed the array lookup non-operator ([]), which is what we’ve used above.

All of these conventions can be seen in the built-in Ruby libraries.

The receiver, a, is modified directly. The non-exclamation version of String#capitalize will return a capitalised version of a without modifying it.

Returns a true or false value we can use in Boolean expressions.

Provides a setter for the default value returned when a key doesn’t exist in the hash table.

The binary addition operator with one argument.

Array lookup.

So where does all the syntactic sugar come in? If we think about the way normal instance methods are called, we can start to see that Ruby is doing something magicky under the hood for us.

Taking the last two examples, we can call these functions like so:

Ruby implements an object-message protocol such that method calls are actually messages to another object. These messages consist of a name and an (optional) payload. The payload is the list of Ruby Objects that are the arguments of the method.

Since method calls are actually messages, the methods themselves must then be the message handlers — the action that is performed when a message is received. Ruby provides the send method to invoke a message handler in an object.

So the above methods, can also be expressed like this:

However, doing canada goose gear up outlet this way can easily lead to some confusing code, and is not analagous to the way of doing canada goose gear up outlet in other languages. This is where Ruby’s syntactic sugar comes in, allowing us to transform the above into something more natural:

This is more in line with what we see in most other languages, but the important point to take away from this is that Ruby gives us the power to define our own methods that can take advantage of special syntax.

This is an extremely important and useful feature. It allows the programmer to build an API for their objects that conforms to the overall language design. In the FancyCapitalHash example, we can expose the same syntax as the built-in Hash class so as to provide a drop-in replacement.

In more traditional languages, one could implement the assignment syntax using properties (setters), much like attr_accessor does. However, we can apply the assignment syntax to any arbritary method in Ruby — even ones that don’t actually assign anything if we wanted to! This flexibility is one of the reasons why Ruby is home to many DSLs (Domain Specific Languages).

Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body.
— matz

The importance of creativity in web development was emphasised recently in one of my Web Technologies lectures.

You need technical skills for web work, to know how to do things. But you also need creative skills, to know what looks and feels good.

This seems a bit obvious at first; the frontend is what our users see, and so it needs to look appealing and instantly friendly to use. However, frontend technologies are becoming increasingly complex. With the advent of HTML5 and modern JavaScript tools we are able to do more on the client side. To support this, we now have access to powerful debugging capabilities built directly into our browsers. In essence, it seems that the frontend is becoming more of a technical playground than it is a creative one.

As the complexity of JavaScript applications increase, developers need powerful debugging tools to help quickly discover the cause of an issue and fix it efficiently.
— Debugging JavaScript – Chrome DevTools

Complement this with the multitude of CSS frameworks available to us now, making it easier for developers to design semantic websites by conforming to well thought-out standards. This is more in line with traditional desktop/mobile application development paradigms; standard libraries with standard components. I have already spoken about how useful this can be for developers, standards are a good thing. They allow users to become familiar with the components of a web page through uniformity. However, does this not impact our creativity?

It’s not fair to say that every website built using a framework will look like the scaffolding the framework provides. The point is to customise to the look and feel you want, whilst still making use of a set of standard components. Going back to the mobile/desktop application analogy, all apps use the same user interface APIs whilst also being visually different from other apps. However, it makes it very easy to fall into a trap where it’s easy to ignore customisation of the look and feel. It already looks great with little to no effort, why s.