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Secluded API Authentication With Rails 3 Using ActiveResource and Devise
I recently had to implement this workflow for a client project, and canada goose childrens coats outlet online got a little confusing. There’s a lot of example code floating around, but canada goose childrens coats outlet online took some trial and error to get everything working smoothly. So, on the off-chance it’ll be helpful for someone else, here’s a walkthrough that illustrates the complete package.

Caveat: ActiveResource has been removed from Rails core, and I hear there may be better solutions out there for interacting with remote APIs. At the outset of this project it seemed like the best way to quickly get canada goose childrens coats outlet online working, but your mileage may vary.

The basic architecture consists of two Rails sites:

The Backend: A pure JSON API that authenticates users via Devise’s token_authenticatable module. Uses ActiveRecord database models, no session storage.

The Front End: A client that signs users in by requesting and storing a token from the backend. Uses session storage and ActiveResource models.

I’ll talk about the configuration for each of these separately, and then some of the integration work (read: hacking) I had to do to get everything running smoothly.

Security Warning! This setup is completely insecure if used over HTTP (since email/password are sent in plaintext). You definitely want to ensure that your front end communicates with your backend strictly via HTTPS in order to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks.

This is covered well elsewhere so I won’t get into it. Add ‘devise’ to your gemfile and check out the Devise documentation for basic setup. RailsCasts are also a great resource for this.

The token_authenticatable module adds authentication tokens to a model and sets it up so Devise can use them to log users in.

First, we need a new database column. Older versions of Devise had the t. token_authenticatable shorthand for this, but that is now deprecated, so we need to set up the column and index manually.

Create a new database migration:

Tell Devise to use tokens for the User model by adding: token_authenticatable to the devise line in your model, e. g.:

Then a few small changes to the Devise config (config/initializers/devise. rb):

The first line tells Devise not to store the user in the session.

The second line changes what you’re going to call your authentication token parameter – I changed mine to “auth_token” because I didn’t want to be typing “authentication_token” all the time, but you can call it whatever you want (or leave it as the default).

Now any protected content needs to be wrapped with a filter that tells it to deny access if the user is not authenticated. In my Users controller, I added:

So now we have all the infrastructure in place. Next, we need a way to actually authenticate the user. That’s the job of the Sessions controller, which checks a given username and password and, if they’re valid, returns a token (as well as the ID of the user in question). Note that, since there’s no session-based sign-in on the backend, we never call Devise’s sign_in/sign_out methods. We’re just validating the password, making sure the user has an auth token generated, and returning it.

(In some sense, a user is “signed in” to the backend as long as they have a valid authentication token. If you want, you can expire this token after some period of time instead of having it stick around indefinitely. You could also reset it after a certain number of uses. )

On login, we call @user. ensure_authentication_token! to make sure the user has a token saved. You could also add this call to your User#create method to generate the token when the user is first created.

When the session is destroyed, we call @user. reset_authentication_token! to expire the current token and generate a new one.

The last piece of the puzzle is making sure you have sign_in and sign_out routes. This should actually be a given if you have Devise set up correctly, but just to cover all the bases, a simple devise_for call in config/routes. rb will route /users/sign_in and /users/sign_out to the right places:

Now you should be able to test the backend via curl or an app like HTTPClient. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to test that everything’s working properly. This assumes you’ve already created a user on the backend. Obviously, replace “localhost: 3000” with your test URL.

All good? Now we just have to set it up so the front end knows how to play this game.

The front end does not have Devise installed. We don’t need it, because the user and session models are so simple, almost stubs. All they do is add a layer of abstraction to the API calls. You could probably still use Devise to manage your sessions and templates, but since I’m using custom sign in and registration templates, it felt like overkill.

The user model on the front end is just an ActiveResource model whose site points to the backend URL.

We have another custom Sessions Controller on the front end which is responsible for managing login and logout. It sends the provided email and password to the backend and saves the returned token and user ID in the session cookie.

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Macaroni and are Cheese
Who doesn’t love mac ‘n cheese? Definitely not this girl!

My mission for this weekend was simple, don’t go near Velveeta AND create something super comfort-esque that everyone could enjoy. Velveeta is usually a cheese canada goose ontario down parka mens many families turn to that churns out creamy predictability every time. But what happens when you want something for the kids, but you want to dress up for the adults? This recipe can be served with corn all mixed in for the kids, which by the way is my favorite way to eat macaroni and cheese. Or, for adults you can add in just about any ingredients. Due to my Italian cheese choices however, I would opt for adding in Italian ingredients or ones that work well with the flavor profile like crisped prosciutto, truffle oil, sun dried tomatoes or some wilted greens.

The great cheese debate will be ongoing as to what cheeses to add to make the perfect mac ‘n cheese. For this recipe I was simply inspired by my father’s own cheese choices, but also through talking to Kym at my friendly neighborhood Wegmans store. These two helped me gather this recipe together whose flavor profile was complex, well balanced and really delicious.

Here are some things to note when choosing your own cheeses and dairy canada goose ontario down parka mens for making cheese sauces. When making cheese sauce, low fat options can be substituted, but with care. Because there is less fat in them to help stabilize when they’re heated, they will start to separate and get a curdled effect. This result will look funny, and may be a bit gritty, but it won’t affect the overall taste. When you do go to pick out your cheeses, you can feel free to use leftovers and see what flavor profiles comes about. A good rule of thumb however is choosing one mild cheese that melts well like mozzarella or fontina, one for color that melts well like a gouda or cheddar and one with great flavor profiles that really really shine like romano or parmesan. If you want to lighten up on calories, substitute pureed cauliflower for one of your cheese.

As far as choosing the right pasta, it’s all based on preference. I like a lot of cheese so I choose to go with a vessel that can carry everything. Experiment and see what works for you!

One last canada goose ontario down parka mens about this recipe, I was really hungry whilst making it and didn’t wait to bake it. The recipe for cheese sauce warrants more sauce than you’ll need if you’re just mixing the sauce into the pasta and then serving. I would highly recommend being patient and baking this beauty in the oven, letting the sauces soften up your pasta and provide creamy deliciousness perfect for any evening. Enjoy!


1 pound of cooked Pasta, preferably Girelle

4 tablespoons of unsalted Butter

4 tablespoons of All Purpose Flour

4 cups of Whole Milk, room temperature

1 tablespoon of Tumeric

1/2 Lemon

1 1/2 cups of Fontina, shredded

1 cup of Romano, shredded

1 1/2 cups of Cheddar, shredded

1/2 cup of Mascarpone Cheese, or Cream Cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter a large casserole dish and set aside.

In a large pot of boiling, salted water cook the pasta to al dente and drain. Set aside and periodically break up pasta so it doesn’t stick together. I do recommend running under cold water so that the pasta does not continue to cook, but be careful as this can sometimes cause them to stick more together with a vengeance.

Squeeze lemon gently over each pile of cheese. This will help balance out the flavors in the end dish and help prevent excess strings of cheese. Discard lemon and allow each pile of cheese to come to room temperature for easy melting.

In a large saucepan over medium-low heat, melt Butter. This will be the start to your roux which will help thicken the cheese sauce. Once Butter has melted, add Flour and continually whisk until all lumps are removed. Allow mixture to thicken, 3-4 minutes while continually stirring. Once roux has turned a pale golden color, slowly whisk in Milk. Add small amounts, allowing Milk to adjust to temperature and keeping all lumps at bay. Add in Tumeric to help give more color to the sauce. Allow mixture to c.

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Prepar3D als alternatief voor FSX
In deze blog sta ik wat langer stil bij het serieuze alternatief voor MS Flight Simulator X, te weten Prepar3D (spreek uit: prepared) van Lockheed Martin. Dit aan de hand van informatie uit de eerste hand. Ik heb namelijk een paar weken intensief getest met Prepar3D versie 1. 2.

De Flight Simulator formule van Microsoft is, zoals inmiddels in brede kring bekend, door Microsoft beëindigd en wordt opgevolgd door de nieuwe formule MS Flight. Hoe deze nieuwe productlijn eruit gaat zien zal spoedig blijken wanneer Microsoft act de présence gaat geven op de Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Voorlopig moeten we het nog doen met de wat summiere informatie vanuit Microsoft. Zie ook mijn vorige blog Eerste contouren van Microsoft Flight worden zichtbaar.

Er is dus, zoals reeds gezegd, een goed alternatief met de komst van Prepar3D. Deze flight simulator is gebaseerd op het EPS platform van Microsoft. EPS is feitelijk niets anders dan de MS-FSX software waarop Lockheed Martin een licentie heeft verkregen. Door deze licentie heeft Lockheed Martin toegang gekregen op de sources van het EPS platform en kan daarop verder ontwikkelen.

Door deze constructie is meteen een van de belangrijkste problemen van FSX verholpen, namelijk continuïteit. Die wordt nu gewaarborgd door Lockheed Martin in de vorm van Prepar3D.

Een andere prettige eigenschap van Prepar3D is dat, omdat het voortbouwt op de sources van FSX, compliant is met alle FSX add-ons (en dat zij canada goose ontario parka navy for sale nogal wat). Ik heb dat inmiddels getest met een aantal verschillende scenery add-ons welke alle zonder enig probleem functioneren. Dat geldt ook voor de indrukwekkende NL2000 scenery.

Ook andere modellen laten zich moeiteloos installeren en functioneren naar verwachting. Zelfs de DodoSim Bell 206 helikopter, niet de eenvoudigste add-on, werkt feilloos onder Prepar3D. Het is ook wel te begrijpen dat de add-ons compatible zijn, want de gehele onderliggende directory structuur is identiek aan die van FSX. Ook de fsx. cfg bestaat nog al heet hij nu natuurlijk wel prepar3d. cfg.

De wijzigingen in de GUI en dat is even wennen. De gebruikersdialoog kan nu alleen nog maar gevoerd worden vanuit het menu in de ‘main-view’. Dat is overigens ook het model dat wordt toegepast door de concurrerende pakketten zoals X-Plane en FlightGear. Bij opstarten kom je dus direct terecht in de main-view waardoor ook eerst het vliegmodel en de scenery geladen moeten worden. Dat is een nadeel als je bijv. met een ander type model had willen starten. Eenmaal opgestart maakt het niet meer uit.

De performance gemeten in fps (frames per second) is consequent iets lager dan die van FSX. Als hier al verbeteringen zijn doorgevoerd (in termen van frame rate) kan ik ze in ieder geval niet reproduceren. Er is echter een ander punt waarin Prepar3D mij over de streep trekt: de render kwaliteit.

Die is zichtbaar beter dan in FSX. Met name het ‘blurry’ karakter van het beeld in FSX is praktisch helemaal verdwenen. Hierdoor komt de simulatie veel ‘steviger’ en realistischer over. Ik vind dit een erg sterk punt want het is toch uiteindelijk te doen om de mate waarin de simulator canada goose ontario parka navy for sale in slaagt een realistisch beeld te genereren.

De enige manier om deze blurs op te lossen onder FSX is het toepassen van de zogenaamde vSync fix. Dat gaat echter drastisch ten koste van de frame rate. Ik heb die trade of sowieso nooit reëel gevonden. In Prepar3D is dit probleem dus opgelost met slecht een klein verlies in fps (<10%). Andere opvallende punten: Aan deze functies kun je ook goed zien dat de Prepar3D zich richt op de serieuze simmer en professionals. Alle vergelijkingen van FSX en Prepar3D zijn uitgevoerd op dezelfde PC (core i7 960) en met alle items in de respectievelijke configuratie files aan elkaar gelijk gemaakt waar mogelijk en zinvol. Er zijn 2 opties m. b. t. de Prepar3D licentie vorm. Of je investeert eenmalig $499 of je betaald $9, 95 per maand. In dat laatste geval krijg je de beschikking over 2 licenties. Het valt niet te ontkennen dat dit veel duurder is in vergelijking met FSX. Toch kan ik canada goose ontario parka navy for sale voorstellen dat er simmers zijn die het er voor over hebben. Ten eerste is er de garantie van productcontinuïteit met in haar kielzog de enorme hoeveelheid add-ons die haar waarde behouden. Ten tweede is de renderkwaliteit van een hoger niveau waardoor Prepar3D hoger scoort op de immersive ladder dan FSX. Ik ben in ieder geval enthousiast.

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George Nemeth · Its not all Community Established Agriculture is actually created every bit as
To real canada goose jackets in ottawa personally a CSA is often a unique in addition to special romance between farming and its members. We would ask all people who is actually considering getting started with a CSA to be able to ask by themselves and its CSA several basic requests.

-Is now there a player directly required? Do I understand real canada goose jackets in ottawa or him, get to fulfill them, have a chance to visit that farm (even whenever weekly pick up is in another place? )

-Is among my advantages of joining any CSA to be able to directly service the neighborhood and service small size local farming in our region?

If that’s the case, would any farmer’s marketplace be much better for our needs.

– Is actually natural or even organic crucial for real canada goose jackets in ottawa to you? How committed can be your grower to prospects principles?

We would ask our CSA

· Which grows that food…?

My letter into the Brad in addition to Joe present – July 10th, 2011

Building Conversation : June in 7th place, 2011

Justin Bibb about CLE in addition to DET : August 23rd, this year

Cleveland Global Film Fest 12 months 34 : March eighteenth, 2010

Any tale connected with town metropolis workers : February eighth, 2010.

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Cpe Cod Negotiation to Staten Paradise
What started on Friday morning in Chatham as a possible idea to make use of the penalties weather on the weekend and a vacant pickup truck to carry whatever had to be done in the Nyc area and may be suddenly gathered was a reality. Within one-half hour of increasing idea, I just read a update Facebook judging by my college classmate Lucy Burton. Lucy with her husband, Ben, of Mashpee was collecting supply which John would lower on Weekend. Their replies was immediately positive plus immense. Certainly the bottom and Middle Cape want to do the exact same.

Terry Duenas, executive director as the Cape Call of duty Community Multimedia Center, happily accepted lend to their lobby able to Dennisport into a collection surface through close of industrial on Tuesday. My mom, Joseph K. Buckley, Junior., lent their home on the way 28 under West Chatham, and become our one of the staging the space. With each one locations set up, and of all the advice across friends underneath the Nyc media and some relief attempts, we created a summary of most vital items for women victims of its Hurricane Exotic. On Thursday afternoon we will created a meeting on Facebook and myspace, with information on what had been doing and just how Cape Codders will help.

Friends pro other follower, and hometown media acquired the historical past. RobinYoung was the first one to deliver chests of groceries to all my father’s kitchen on Sunday night. All around the Saturday in the morning, the Sosa family reached the Multimedia Center locations with household cleaning utility caddy. More and most came during the day from locals from out there. Warm outfits from Brewster. Covers from Barnstable. Calories from Eastham. Aqua from Wellfleet.

“It automatically could have taken place here toward Cape Call of duty, ” admitted Harwich’s Brad Willis. “It’s essential that we help all of us can, hoping that others is in order us if this need needs ever pop up. ”And Cherylann Mott Dumas of them Chatham contributed because “we were used without flexibility for 2½ weeks yr after, and nobody came to the rescue. ”

By mid Saturday day time, having checked in Chatham, canada goose womens hybridge lite outlet online was used clear of our small pick-up would be unable to handle the stress. Harwich’s Vana Pietroniro Trudeau saw the amount and incorporated with her spouse, Guy, to look for a cargo automobile and be able to make a lease. At the finish of Sunday afternoon, we required two truckloads back into West Chatham, locating the same phone number collected there was. When sit Trudeaus arrived together with rented car, a selection of volunteers were accompanied by the updates crew ever since WBZ-TV toward load. And by 7 k. m., i had been packed canada goose womens hybridge lite outlet online up.

Having helped tirelessly up and down Saturday to bring along, sort and to load machines, my little one Sofie woke here at 5 a short. m. on Sunday anticipating the too much time drive. Sofie was amazed by the in 200 cubic feet of numerous supplies we’d collected rapidly. This one and only grew after we stopped with an Southwest Airline at W. F. Green Terminal in Los angeles. The flight donated five instances of water, which just fit into the rear of the automobile.

Once so i passed into Ny, and especially the actual Whitestone Link into Brooklyn, also a traffic reduced dramatically. The closer we’ve got to the place, the lesser cars we had. The loss of gas once was definitely causing individuals to limit their best driving. Sofie noticed series of of toyota recently that extended for blocks inside a service channel. “One dude was pumping the water hose back, and that he was grinning. But an officer close by looked over the next one in quote and shook his own head. ”

We entered the Verrazano Becomes smaller Bridge and other took a first time exit when we on Staten Isle. At community . intersection, also a traffic plain wasn’t how to work, but or else all i thought normal. Then we headed south lowest spot we can near shore, and in the near term were faced with the rain damage. Cars parked assisting the path with river weed on the go wipers, apartment tires, and actually dented hoods. Buildings with lacking windows, absent doors, absent walls. Beach everywhere. A complete contractor packages lined what the sidewalks. A certain sidewalks was caved in all, along that have missing sights. Men in the company of power hoses affiliated with trucks washed over the streets.

Police pointing traffic at each intersection, and we could pull as well as ask where we must head. We found i had been just one of block in a spot. As we pulled to it this seashore parking bit at Midland Waterfront, we anxiously waited in queue until a guy in this is a blue jacket emerged to uk, “What shall we be doing? ”

“Dropping aside. ”

And this directed us a the second canada goose womens hybridge lite outlet online line. Asecond man arrived to utiliz and asked what you had. Told we had come all out from Cpe Cod, determination an exclusion. No lengthier clothes that were accepted, but at this point, it is that the easier to try it a whole than cleaning out for the supplies they are all needed.

As we pulled to as high as unload, everybody met Bob. He asked that which you had, and also the line made. One you are not selected pulled suitcases and boxes associated with the van, handed that they another volunteer browsing line, and Bob directed that the volunteer and with the bag where you can take it would be. Sofie controlled and required photo.

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A house Fileserver employing ZFS
Howdy Davros,

Thanks considerably!

You implement ZFS by using or with no redundancy, the options is your own. However, as ZFS depends upon data honesty, buy canada goose jacket saskatoon pays to work with redundancy with regard to helping to circumvent data reduction.

I have got a fileserver which uses redundancy by using a sole RAID-Z1 vdev, so which if one particular drive right out the four neglects, the records will certainly accessible, allowing me personally to change the unsuccessful drive in addition to rebuild buy canada goose jacket saskatoon in the existing hard disks. In our case, the power of several drives can be purchased for records, and that capacity connected with one drive must be used for parity records (redundancy).

Redundancy seriously isn’t wasting hard disks, although it may well seem doing this at very first. The a lot more redundancy (insurance) a person build within your records array, the more it’s likely you’ll avoid records loss. As much redundancy you opt for depends on your own budget or even the importance of one’s data — post. e. how keen you’re to avert its reduction.

I have a stop-gap server which uses absolutely no redundancy. It uses a set of outdated, different-sized drives to create a great backup swimming pool.

ZFS has several advantages, including effortless administration in addition to providing seamless having access to vast sums of data and not having to use clumsy size managers. In addition, snapshots tend to be extremely successful, allowing to snapshot crucial computer data to accomplish full & incremental backups quickly, roll backside the report system to be able to before your own failed OS IN THIS HANDSET upgrade, heal previous alter states connected with any report, or actually clone entire file techniques.

ZFS also helps you specify than a file procedure automatically in addition to transparently creates several copies of the file inside it. This will likely be useful for virtually every data that is certainly critical, for example user-generated articles (photography, online video media, source value repositories, docs, spreadsheets etc). This shows that ZFS may read a similar file through multiple particular locations heli-copter flight drive surface in cases when, for case in point, bit go rotten has messed up data inside any report. This feature is named ditto prevents.

ZFS in addition allows sizzling spares that they are included on data range.

Using that above details, you can build a essentially bullet-proof procedure. For case in point, you could create a storage pool including buy canada goose jacket saskatoon like a RAID-Z2 vdev, which often uses that capacity connected with two hard disks for parity. You may possibly also include any hot give up which ZFS may use automatically time that we have of any drive inability. This shows that your ZFS array is now able to rebuild themselves automatically whenever a drive drops dead. Combining this specific array configuration by using selected by using ditto prevents for essential file techniques should develop a system that needs to be extremely impossible to ever before lose virtually any data. After that, to keep this technique protected, you’ll setup intelligent and regular snapshots, send that differences among the snapshots regularly into a backup pool/server, and you’ll want to scrub that array which has a frequency for the use pattern in the system.

I am hoping this responses your concern.


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Indiva Viewers Challenge (IRC) 2014 Berhadiah Laptop
Daftarkan Anda sebagai peserta IRC 2014 dengan cara mengirim e mail dengan ketentuan:

Matter di isi dengan Daftar IRC 2014

Pada badan e mail ditulis: Daftar_Nama_Alamat_No HP_Alamat Blog/website_Jumlah Aim for Buku Yang Dibaca tahun 2014.

Contoh: Daftar_Ardi Syahputra_Jl. Sawo Raya absolutely no. 10 Solo_08197890xxx_ world wide web. boekoeakoe. blogspot. com_120 Judul

Pendaftaran dilakukan ke e mail: publish. [email protected] com

Pendaftaran dibuka pada 12-15 Januari 2014 serta ditutup pada thirty-one Agustus 2014.

Buku yang anda baca bebas dari penerbit apapun (bukan buku dengan konten pornografi, sadisme atau yang melecehkan Islam), bakal tetapi harus ada 10% buku terbitan collection Indiva Storage devices Kreasi (judul serta tahun penerbitan bebas).

Buatlah evaluation buku yang telah Anda baca tersebut serta posting dalam blog/website yang Anda daftarkan. System blog/website bebas.

Over the top IRC 2014 bakal kami kirimkan ke e mail Anda sekaligus sebagai balasan bahwa Anda terdaftar sebagai peserta IRC 2014, serta harus dipasang di website dengan tautan world wide web. indivamediakreasi. com

Laporan buku yang Anda baca serta review dikirimkan maksimal 12-15 Januari 2015 dengan arrangement

Lapor_Nama_Alamat_No HP_Blog_Jumlah Buku Yang Dibaca tahun 2014.

Contoh: Lapor_Ardi Syahputra_Jl. Sawo Raya absolutely no. 10 Solo_08197890xxx_www. bacaankoe. wordpres. com_75

Laporan dilengkapi dengan addition berisi report link-link evaluation Anda di website yang didaftarkan.

Pengumuman Pemenang 12-15 Februari 2015 di web page www. indivamediakreasi. com

Peserta wajib mem-follow akun tweets @penerbitindiva serta dianjurkan me-mention akun tersebut jika telah me-review buku yang dibacanya dengan menyertakan website blog-nya.