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Alumni Presence: Elizabeth Marlow ’86
Elizabeth Marlow ‘86 is a caring woman with a bright smile and an unusual professional warmth. You would never guess from meeting her that she spends a majority of her time with criminals and ex-cons.

By trade, Elizabeth is a family nurse practitioner. Elizabeth (second from the left in the picture above) has more than 15 years of experience in primary, urgent, and mental health care. Like many nurses, Elizabeth is interested in helping people. However, the work she does goes far beyond the scope of a typical nurse’s job.

In 2009, Elizabeth founded The Gamble Institute, a community-based research and resource center for parolees. Elizabeth explains that her affinity for this work grew from her work with patients while first practicing in Bakersfield, a city with four jails.

I really liked them a lot as a group of people, and they really seemed to like me. We had a good working relationship as patient and provider…. And the main question was, how were these people who I really like, and who present pretty well, and are kind of cool and funny, a sort of stylish population of folks, how could they be this way with me and then in this other way in the prison system? How does that happen?

Elizabeth has an unmatched knack for pairing empathetic, participatory medical care with data-driven research. This explains the breadth of her professional responsibilities, which currently includes clinical work at the San Francisco County Jail, researching and publishing as Assistant Adjunct Professor at the UCSF School of Nursing, and overseeing programs at the Gamble Institute. Some may think Elizabeth must struggle to balance several demanding positions. In truth, everything Elizabeth does is driven by the same purpose: helping others live their own life of purpose. When asked if she would ever consider cutting back in some way, Elizabeth responded hesitantly, “I would maybe give up one day a week at the jail. ”

With a youthful fire, Elizabeth insists that “We can change the system! ” Although, she admits, “It’s much harder than I thought canada goose banff parka xl on sale was going to be. ” However, difficult challenges do not deter her. She continues with conviction:

One of my big motivations and drives is to at least change the conversation. How can we put all of us out of business and help people live healthy, sustainable lives outside of the correctional system? And there are a lot of ways you can attack that. Mine is through community-based participatory research, working with people, getting them intellectually stimulated, getting to see that they can actually see beyond the confines of their world.

Working both one on one with clients in the jail and working systemically via research and the Gamble Institute, Elizabeth truly is changing the system. Countless inmates have benefited from her medical care, and now nearly 400 men have received training, counseling, mentoring, case management and/or recovery support at The Gamble Institute.

While she feels that she has a natural bent for doing good (e. g., she was in the voluntary 200 Hour Service Award Club in high school), Elizabeth reveals that Athenian’s high academic standards and culture of positive change contributed to her career choices and success.

The community service [requirement at Athenian] for me was a really big deal…. I had such a good education there. It set the bar so high in terms of my own expectations for myself…. I think that’s my whole belief that “I can change the world! ” I really believe that still. I believe that I can be part of creating some kind of systematic change to make canada goose banff parka xl on sale better for people. And not just accepting that this is how canada goose banff parka xl on sale is, but really trying to think differently. [It was] not just the education I got at Athenian. The reading I was.

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Dobsonian Build for several. 5″ Newtonian Reflector Telescopes
Quite a while ago Post designed in addition to built any Dobsonian build for our Meade DS-114 telescope. The first equatorial build – though buy canada goose jacket women toronto had that Startracker attribute – appeared to be really difficult to work with and susceptible to vibration. Dobsonian brackets are known therefore to their simplicity in addition to stability. I experienced considered making a Dobsonian mount during the past and finally thought we would one once a irritating night connected with stargazing from my son’s classes Star Nights.

When Post built this specific mount within 2005, I helped several astronomy Webpages to place a PDF FILE article Post wrote describing the structure and engineering. Since after that, I obtain occasional inquiries in regards to the design in addition to construction. Ever since I have got a blog, My business is publishing the structure here by using additional comments determined by several numerous years of use.

Suggestions what that finished buy canada goose jacket women toronto appears to be:

Read the article with regard to complete engineering details. Let us discuss the designs plus a few engineering photos in the article:

I utilised 3/4″ HDO (high density overlay) for any structural elements. Bearing floors and walls are laminated by using Formica and also the bearings tend to be teflon easy chair glides – almost all standard a tree yard products.

The build has organized very well which is very easy to begin and work with. Initial pointing is quite easy which has a Dobsonian build – a person basically only aim buy canada goose jacket women toronto for a big rifle while looking in the spotting range. It is a lot more intuitive compared to an equatorial build. The mount won’t change that telescope so you can always get back on the first mount in case you desire. I’ve experienced mine seated around for three years – I believe that it is time to market it about eBay!

(I only did a rapid Google in addition to rediscovered on the list of sites which published the article in this article. ).

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Bing Will canada goose camp vest 2015 Again
It’s another matter of the copycat, not that it ought to be any shock online, but The search engines Deals has hacked the arena of online amount makers.

I predict it’s pretty much a stretch to enhance throw them along with companies like Groupon or even LivingSocial, because what Google is doing is a little mixed. The visual said it does not, would might be more people share:

“The cost is that we’re aggregating them with you, bringing all of which together in order don’t must go to all of those other places”

So Bing has had you time to write within a lines to supply mash all the major deals together under one roof for cost effective shoppers on the market. No demand of an account to make use of the support, no spam emails from the deals in the community, just a considerable old discount book opportunities to browse. To invest, your information can be used inside the vendors web – site. Simple a good amount of really.

And also to make canada goose camp vest 2015 a little bit of spicier and this enticing back, Bing partnered along with a company and was the Dealmap, which living expenses itself as the place online to achieve local controls over 200, 000 in particular offers nationwide on your mobile phone.

“The Dealmap is an leading source for anyone to find and give the the best local purchases, so completely naturally it took sense for most people to collaborate with these phones bring the finest experience. ”Andy Chu, founder of Concept Management meant for Bing Cellular phone.

So it’s not exactly copycat, but it’s Google bringing to deal with their own decide to try online in the market and local internet search incentives. Recommended which may possibly attract a decent share toward attention this grows in a offerings as well as popularity.

When you’re a large self-proclaimed “rock icon from Mars” multitasking online “goddesses” living in your “Sober Area Lodge, ” just makes one of those wonder are you currently a enthused lunatic in addition to a marketing ingenuity? While most are writing Steve off as buying a mental breakdown and going through career committing suicide, what he is actually actually requesting is a steady 50% spend increase.

Reliable crazy? Perhaps, maybe choose not to. Charlie’s forest show “Two the Half Men” has the most-watched comedic in peak hours averaging 15. 2 gazillion viewers. It’s pulls $207, 000 for each ad. Last you season, it’s generated $155. 1 billion in CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS ad revenue depending on Kantar Press.

Raving Maniac or Launch Genius?

In the past few occasions there’s been the only problem for too many Gmail viewers, as we’ve commented here. In search has arise and pronounced “Oops, our bad” and therefore are working more on correcting the mistake. In the past few weeks further, the proceed algorithm on the road the Big g machine may have been tweaked to do clean through the search achievement.

The change, nicknamed “Farmer” is essentially designed for starters weeding i farm, scraper outlets and nonsense sites inside the search side effects. These retailers typically abuse some kind of hot trends internet to cruise false ADVERTISING campaigns privately and/or their customers for prominence. The html coding change but they, has the rather side effects effect nicely however. There’s couple of sites that are mistakenly suffering from the modern day algorithm alternate. And back again, Google asserts “Oops, my own bad” and even manually disciplining any incorrect rankings modification. So if a site could have been affected formerly, say the final 2 weeks approximately, by a small algorithm relocate, it is worth your while hitting your website owner tools or even submit for their reconsideration.

In any recent matter of the extra – large kid throwing how much they weigh around, Yelp has now spoken back out against Search result Places webpages, saying by which it’s from the direct fight with Yelps new products. Now in the early days, Google attempted to snatch on Yelp for an cool $500 billion, and once they declined Google recently voila! Search engines like google Places brings it’s feel and look. The way functions currently, is on the internet Places you’ll find out what Yelp reports, properly linked to their site and requires Yelp hasn’t claiming anything this. But Google nowadays (according somewhat Yelp) hosts decided and then it’s inadequate and are prepared to conjure up the park rule in “play the way, it’s my business ball”. So at this moment Yelp faces the chance of being coming out of the index list, Google Destinations listings and all sorts of, unless it bow it is not Google Huge. The of all troubling part but it whole wedding day however I believe, is anything considered Google can be considered completely crunching it’s to have mantra of the “Don’t appear evil” for example kicking a legitimate competitor of its index. Here’s hoping they really decide to take high road and buy that stand out of their guess what.

It shouldn’t still be any tangible surprise that the Charlie Sheen could be a member if they trending topics during the day much like he’s within the last few dates. There’s even the trending topic from the Dior creator who’s life dropped around the fashion icon for the ranting of the Jews and zest for Hitler. It’s no large present personally to achieve strange matters dominating within a trending catalogues, but there are a few news subjects that jolt me intermittently.

Take do you, the media from Statcounter that has been Yahoo brings fallen to stay place if they search conflicts, overtaken by incorporating Bing. Gambling under 4% dig share, Yahoo apparently fell to make Bing who arrived with 4. 3% look out for share. Statcounter listed Google’s flick through dominance floating at it’s moderate of 89. 9% of each and every search category. These are common global scout numbers, so they’re speaking the associated with queries. In getting a little nearer to home, Yahoo continues to be leading Bing in the united states.

The reason that all three of these numbers don’t mean one thing, is that there are really exactly 2 hitters now if they search to promote; Bing in search. In 2009 Yahoo said that Bing shall power it’s search engine results and they were hitting join forces as an attempt take towards the Google sewing machine. Currently Google is giving Search engines results in the united states, Canada, Germany, Brazil and even Mexico. It’s A search engine pages and be results, on a bright matt Yahoo wrapper onto it. It doesn’t matter a person try and requires portray it up, it’s Google in of your search online game now.

Google says it may cost “very sorry” for an glitch that has been inexplicably cut the funds of countless number of Gmail users for the weekend, a penalty the organizational says happens to be fixed.

By Tuesday evening, Google’s Program Status dash panel, a website hand maintains in order to keep clients up to date about facets of its loads of services, reported no downsides to Gmail. List Story at this time

With the rate and concentration of search, the associated with useful and allow useless information on the internet and the breeding of tabloid announcement everywhere it appears that the users have become more impulsive due to this.

Taking simply a cursory go through the trending canada goose camp vest 2015 and searches within the last few hours is basically indicative from your shift. Earlier during the day the fine 10 trending queries were at the trades happening inside NHL. Checking just a night later in this case, and all items have changed. And that top 5 searches at present don’t comparison even remotely on this mornings announcement. Starting directly to upcoming 2012 olympics brand and followed upright by dorrie sheen of a today flick appearance. Sheen has developed in the news a significant lately by means of lifestyle choices and the like, but directly to havoc for children storm which entered the south over night time, a gossip station measures number 3 attributable to leveraging their journalism strength over the news of a ESPN author being accused. Rounding the actual top 5 cute searches weighs in at adnis dna and exactly how or exactly what do you must pay back this headline too? Charlie Shine again included in a statements made in his Today Confirm appearance and he said he or she was full of “tigers blood sugar and adonis dna” of everything. Are those big brands now here for designer pain killers perhaps? The remaining top 10 very hot topics are just recently incredibly abandoned the prior to news news with Drive. Seuss and wish to Apollo 11 considering places capable ranks.

The only cause of bringing up each one of the strange searche terms is the fact that: the users list of organic search is becoming increasingly impulsive into their queries for what they need. You have don’t assume all seconds to take their eye if they come to the site. Click and by analysis made by search engines in the early days show over which users only occasionally visit url 2 gps search pages, and in many instances don’t maybe scroll passed the best 5 hits. If you’re not standing on page one for any market, and ideally the actual top 5, you’re missing immense amounts of potential professional. So as you y.

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Erin in addition to Jason’s Lansdowne Place Wedding
A couple weeks ago Post posted several sneak peeks through Erin in addition to Jason’s wedding in the Lansdowne Place, and I’m to post a lot more! Erin in addition to Jason were a real fantastic couple to cooperate with. Erin has the most expressive encounters I’ve experienced in the bride. You seriously cane easily see happiness written around chilliwack bomber canada goose women outlet in a few of these shots in addition to it’s only breathtaking!

All the wedding bash got set at Lansdowne Place, and after that we went off to be able to St. Mary connected with Sorrow’s Religious organization in Fairfax. That ceremony appeared to be beautiful, and I truly loved a number of the expressions Erin in addition to Jason made in the ceremony. Following on from the ceremony i was whisked out by limo to Lansdowne exactly where we had plenty of time with regard to photographs, which often simply produced my morning! We could actually get plenty of different appears to be with Erin in addition to Jason, in addition to some truly creative shots along and the entire wedding party because of the pool platforms in Stonewalls Tavern. Didn’t market party do an awesome job modeling? I believe so! Once portraits, we headed to the ballroom for a brilliant reception filled with a lot of love, cry and fun. I even obtained sit alongside the father-of-the-bride from dinner, that is certainly quite any rarity (and honor I would add…Tom, you’re high-larious! ). And lastly, we complete the nights off by using some bitter portraits outdoor!

I truly hope chilliwack bomber canada goose women outlet like the pictures below! Erin in addition to Jason, I couldn’t are actually more priviledged to photograph your wedding day and I am hoping chilliwack bomber canada goose women outlet do have a wonderful relationship together!: ) Several thanks to be able to Asha, our second shooter, for each one of her help during the day!

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How I obtained Started within ColdFusion
A few days ago, Steve Bryant advised that today will be “How I obtained Started within ColdFusion day”. He cases every tale he heard up to now is helpful, so why don’tyou share my own? Here should go.

It appeared to be late 2005 after i applied for any job connected with Programmer in the company referred to as Netbasics. In those days I utilised PHP since my device side tool to make dynamic web pages, and experienced zero knowledge with ColdFusion. But Post always were going to be extremely versatile in our knowledge in addition to was assured that ColdFusion carries a short finding out curve. I began in Febuary 2006 in addition to found the fact that learning necessities is certainly quite limited, meaning I used to be able to perform some good stuff within a few days.

As Post learned a lot more about ColdFusion, I observed how different real canada goose new york stores really is from additional languages i always know. That syntax certainly, but also just how objects respond. Some of these characteristics Post liked (cfquery, excellent! ), but some I truly had to get accustomed to (indexes get started at one particular, what’s that every about? ). Working an increasing number of in ColdFusion, I managed to get into another nature and I truly like real canada goose new york stores internet marketing a good tool to be able to develop strong web programs.

Besides which, I also obtain the community that they are quite helpful and very helpful. Ask any question about Twitter in addition to you’ll usually obtain response in the hour. There are several people blog about its experiences in addition to providing useful guidelines which consist of handy. This can be especially valuable because community isn’t truly scattered: seems like as if so many people are on a similar level. Convinced, we almost all have some of our differences within approach, but pretty much understand in addition to support one another. That Post don’t get in any community all-around a lisenced users language (maybe jQuery, nonetheless that’s nonetheless pretty existing as well).

My business is still any nerd nonetheless, which can make me love greater programmatic syntax also. Therefore I’ll probably in no way stop employing PHP to be a tool for my very own little tasks, even even though cfscript offers come far away, especially with all the latest choices of ColdFusion. But ColdFusion is actually brilliant, and Post can’t wait to check out where this specific technology is due to, let’s state, five a long time.

What I believe would truly boost the effective use of ColdFusion even though, is the discharge of any ColdFusion Group Edition Device: free with regard to non-profit or even with a reduced amount of features approach current choices. The reason starting programmers focus on languages for instance PHP, is due to the fact those ‘languages’ are easy to look at and provide a clear eyesight – expense wise – of real canada goose new york stores know about expect once you need to bring yuor web blog online. By way of example, Apache, PHP, and MySQL is often a really famous combination with individuals who start lisenced users. And once you learn one dialect, you are not as likely to get a job which requires a further, even whenever it appears states you’re free to understand it as soon as you got the work. (I must really create a seperate post concerning this. )

Altogether I’m truly happy i always have gotten the opportunity to cooperate with ColdFusion in addition to predict it has the future shall be even better than it really is now (also as a consequence of integrated engineering like Apache Solr and also the about that they are adopted jQuery).

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Snickers Allergies
I had a buddy who was allergic to nuts. Before it was cool. I didn’t even know about it until a dish featuring almonds was served and he politely declined. He just tactfully, simply stated: “I can’t, I’m allergic to nuts. ”

No one does that now. Anyone who is allergic to nuts, or especially people whose children are allergic to “peanuts and tree nuts, ” which like “autism spectrum disorder” is now something that happens to approximately seventy per cent of all rich kids—everyone who is allergic to nuts makes it into this big movie-of-the-week where they’re going to swell up and die just from looking at a god damn peanut.

In the future, there will be two Americas. The only difference between them will be whether they have peanuts. Two exactly parallel mirror societies, except one freely eats peanuts and the other does not permit even the thought of the dust of a peanut; in the latter it will be punishable by death to have dreamed about being in a room where a peanut was once present in 1976. Two Americas, one where children with peanut allergies are taken seriously and spoken of in hushed tones as though peanuts were the holocaust, where people without a little boy like mine could not possibly understand the hell of going through life knowing that at any moment he might be exposed to a peanut and die, and another society where everyone just laughs at these people while freely eating peanuts.

Imagine being the ghost of George Washington Carver at this moment. From humble beginnings, you grew up in poverty, bootstrapped your way into an education, and got a gig in the South where the cash crop was peanuts. And you took it upon yourself to invent ways that nearly every fucking canada goose clothing ireland outlet on Earth could be manufactured from peanuts. Record player needles. Plastic-like materials decades ahead of their time. Medicines. Cars made from peanuts, probably. Not only did you elevate the fucking peanut to a life- and labor-saving panacea, you became the pre-eminent African-American scientist in the history of the fucking WORLD by doing so. You became the only black scientist anyone can name who is not that Neil Eric Dyson guy on TV. During black history month, people have to talk about you constantly because in the mind of the nation, you are the only black scientist ever. Fuck the guy who invented open heart surgery. He should have been named George Washington something; something easy to remember. Abraham Lincoln Jones. John F. Kennedy Openheartsurgeryinventor.

Anyway, imagine being the ghost of George Washington Carver—for half a century you are in heaven hearing about how you are the greatest black scientist of all time and every device conceivable can be made cheaper and better out of peanuts and then suddenly BOOM– peanuts become the fucking DEVIL. Peanuts kill babies; we cannot permit even one atom of peanut to be within five thousand miles of any child. Peanuts and THINGS THAT HAVE TOUCHED PEANUTS are now not allowed in schools.

What is the fucking deal with this? And why is it suddenly “peanut and tree nut allergies. ” Every time peanuts were even MENTIONED in my youth some authority figure always took great pains to clarify that despite being named “nut” they were in fact a legume. More closely related to peas and beans; a peanut is not a nut. Peanuts have nothing to do with nuts. And yet every single person who is deathly allergic to peanuts is also allergic to regular nuts.

This is how you know it’s bullshit. People are allergic to both canada goose clothing ireland outlet because they are both named “nut. ” Just like people are allergic to “both fish and shellfish” when one of them is an H. P. Lovecraft-y primitive alien invertebrate whose biology is so foreign to regular fish that it might as well have come from another fucking planet. Clams might as well be from fucking Jupiter. They’re called “shellfish” because people used to call everything in the water a fish. Whales were called fish.

You can go to an “allergist” and get your allergy to “both fish and shellfish” cured by having light beamed on to you through a series of colored filters, seriously. It’s all in your fucking head. On some level, you are just subconsciously creeped out by sea creatures. Me too, I get it. Slimy canada goose clothing ireland outlet with slimy legs. Creepy, squirmy, cold-blooded blank-eyed fiends of the deep. Weird worms growing on vaults of magma at three hundred atmospheric pressures, ten reverse-Everests under the black, crushing soul-void of the sea. Hideous parasites on Neptune’s ball sac. I don’t like the fucking things either. But sushi is delicious.

Tags: black history month, children, children who should die, george washington carver, h. p. lovecraft, hysteria, neptune’s ball sac, peanut alergies, peanut and tree nut allergies, peanuts.

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6761 PARK in Burnaby: Highgate Townhouse available in “ROCKHILL” (Burnaby South): MLS(r) no . V1083500
Rockhill by Top rated Adera. This stylish built SW confronted with 3 strength corner unit contains 3 mattresses & 2 bathtubs, featuring a wide open and utilitarian layout. Its a huge bay window allow enough light to enter the Lounge and theopen Kitchen creating a clever and warm atmosphere perfect for people who love to start entertain and so host readers. This home has even been lovingly continual and superseded with in depth Cherrywood surface and some new paint. Situated in Highgate, this parents friendly complex is good for a young as well as is steps outside the a childcare centre. It can also be just time from Highgate Store, Edmonds Skytrain Funnel, and as many popular chains. Comes armed with 2 storing spots right your own back side.

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Choosing the Christmas Carol: A Radio Drama
Thursday, December 13, 2012

5: 00 PM

$50 includes complimentary hot cider, pre-show meet-and-greet with WNYC and WQXR hosts, VIP seats and more good cheer

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: The Greene Space

44 Charlton Street, New York, NY
(corner of Varick Street)

The beloved holiday tradition returns with the help of Emmy Award-winning actor Brian Cox, who stars in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. Listen to canada goose parkas vancouver outlet store talk with Kristen Meinzer canada goose parkas vancouver outlet store The Takeaway about how he’ll get into character for the performance.

The timeless classic tells the story of sour and stingy Scrooge and his transformation after the visits of Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. A story that still touches the hearts of audiences worldwide, the novella has been adapted to film, opera — and now radio.

The story will be brought to life in The Greene Space with a stage reading performed by WQXR and WNYC personalities and reporters, including: Naomi Lewin, Terrance McKnight, Midge Woolsey, Robert Krulwich, Brian Lehrer, Bob Hennelly and Arun Venugopal. Directed by WQXR host Elliott Forrest and adapted by award-winning playwright Arthur Yorinks.


Scrooge – Brian Cox
Bob Cratchit – David Garland
Child Singer – Leo Balaban
Nephew – Arun Venugopal

Gentleman – Brian Lehrer
Marley – Terrance McKnight
Mrs. Dilber – Naomi Lewin
Christmas Past – Lorraine Mattox
Fezziwig – Rex Doane
Belle – Jenny Lawton
Young Adult Scrooge – Elliott Forrest
Christmas Present – Bob Hennelly
Mrs. Cratchit – Midge Woolsey
Belinda – Kerry Nolan
Martha – Jenny Lawton
Peter Cratchit – Arun Venugopal
Tiny Tim – Leo Balaban
Nephew’s Wife – Kerry Nolan
Businessman 1 – Bob Hennelly
Businessman 2 – Terrance McKnight
Old Joe – Rex Doane
Boy – Leo Balaban

Narrator – Robert Krulwich

Adaption by Arthur Yorinks

Sound Effects performed by Fred Newman

Music Composed and Performed by John Forster

Directed by Elliott Forrest.

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Morning 212 – Debt consolidation loan Service Perils (Guest Post)
May perhaps 11, 2011

(guest place via Louise Baker)

Debt is actually something that may pile up rapidly. As your debt amount grows up, this can simply escalate directly into something that is certainly unmanagable, and men and women usually begin to watch out for a strategy to get rid of their credit card debt. There a variety of different selections for having to leave debt, and a type of is utilizing a debt loan combination service. Even though these canada goose merino wool beanie on sale do own their benefits, there a variety of negatives that ought to be addressed.

Lots of people who seek the services of your debt loan combination service visit there considering they obtain the quick answer without delay. This seriously isn’t how something works. They will present a very few different options that you can consider nonetheless none of these will end up being quick. Encourage will consider time, power, dedication and working hard.

These services come in business and they also seek to make money. One in the ways they make money is via maintenance service fees. These service fees are charged several different techniques. Some demand a month-to-month fee only the employment of their products. Others may perhaps charge any fee clear before in addition to services work extremely well. In inclusion to month-to-month fees for virtually every services which might be provided, for example loans, those will present fees designated to them also. Before seeking what of any debt consolidation loan service, you’ll want to know with regards to their payment schedule so you don’t have shock down the road.

These sorts of loans will be the main company that debt consolidation loan centers present. They take your complete outstanding credit card debt, combine all of these books into one plus a single lending canada goose merino wool beanie on sale is produced. The customer are going to pay the credit card debt service after which you can the company will change and fork out the creditors as your representative. There is a few headaches with these kinds of loans. Most individuals who seek the services for credit card debt services wouldn’t have the greatest credit. Therefore, the loan combination loans will present a higher interest. This quote may or is probably not any greater than a regular loan and may cost considerably move in the life in the loan. Another downfall of your debt loan combination loan is you’re relying to the service paying your creditors available for you. They usually do not always pay in time and can easily damage your own credit additional.

If you’re trying to find assistance together with your debt, seek almost all options completely before deciding the most beneficial one on your situation. While debt consolidation loan services may perhaps work through some, they may not be the best for those. Getting gone debt will take time and several dedication but canada goose merino wool beanie on sale is just a goal that may be achieved.

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A transportable USB-charged induction cooking…thing.
This manteau grand froid canada goose jackets 2015 is so full of flawesome, I…I…can’t even begin to…I don’t know how…here. Just read this:

So, that explains it, right? Right?? Oh, you need more info on how it works? Then read this:

Did you catch that?

For this alone, the designer deserves props. Realistic physical models are extremely time consuming to produce, which is why many designers go the route of 3D computer models + a really good photorealistic rendering package. Of course, I believe a designer who never makes anything physical, with their own hands, can’t really understand how physical products can be produced, and how they should feel in the hand. But that’s another post for another time. Yes, this is an excellent model, from what I can see from the photos. Sadly, the model making is the only redeeming aspect of this concept.

The Two Any One uses an induction cooking surface. Again, this isn’t a physics blog [cue physics talk…], but induction cooktops use a changing electric current to create a magnetic field, that induces a changing electric current in a ferrous (containing iron, like steel) metal pan/pot. The basic components of an induction cooktop include a large coil of wire underneath a ceramic surface. The large coil carries the alternating electric current, which then creates an oscillating magnetic field. When you place the metal cookware on the ceramic surface, the magnetic field from the large current-carrying coil induces currents in the bottom of the cookware. While we think of metal as a great conductor for electricity, many metals aren’t that great at letting electricity pass through them. When electricity flows through these metals, it encounters a resistance, the end result being that the metal gets hot. It’s like if you put a paperclip across the contacts of a 9-volt battery [don’t do this…well, do it for a second, then you’ll realize what I’m talking about.] That paper clip gets really hot. Protip: don’t carry a 9-volt battery in a pocket full of coins. Trust me on this.

Below is a take apart of a typical induction cooktop that I found on this site[which has a really good explanation of induction cooktops].

You can clearly see the large induction coil which carries the current to create the magnetic field. You also see lots of other stuff there, mainly circuit boards to control current going into the coil, as well as a heat sink and cooling fan. The coil does not produce heat directly, like the heating coils of conventional electric burners do, but current going through wires [remember the paper clip on the 9-volt battery? Oh, again, don’t do that.] does create some heat, so a cooling fan is usually necessary.

Compare that take apart with this exploded view of the Two Any One.

As you can see, they look nothing alike. In fact, in this induction cooktop, there are no coils of wire to be found. There is something labeled “140 mm Highlights Heater. ” I have no idea what that is. An induction cooktop has no heater. Also there are magnets [labeled ‘magnetic’] found in this cooktop. There are no magnets in induction cooktops; a current-carrying coil of wire creates an oscillating magnetic field, which is different than a field produced by a permanent magnet. There is a “charge battery” in there, which does not seem like the best place for a battery, seeing as the whole cooktop will probably get hot from the residual heat of cooking. Oh, and of course, there’s a the USB port, because, you know, this thing can be charged using USB.

The cooktop is rechargeable, to allow you to take the cooktop away from the kitchen. Did you see the pic above, showing the guts of an actual induction cooktop? Did you see the circuit boards and transformers in that take apart? Induction cooktops use a lot of electricity; you need a fairly large current to create magnetic fields that induce currents in cookware. Now, did you see the exploded diagram pic of the Two Any One, with its insanely thin battery? Even using the “in the future…” argument, that battery energy capacity will be far greater than it is now, there is no way even a battery like that could ever power an induction burner.

The whole “powered by USB”-thing is a joke. USB specifications state a maximum of 500-900 mA of current at 5 volts. In the future, could the specifications be greater than that? Sure, why not? Will that be enough to charge a super-thin, high-capacity battery that will be used to power a portable induction cooktop? I don’t know what the future holds in terms of super-awesome battery capacity technology, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “hell no. ” The fact is, the idea that this could be charged by USB is ridiculous, and it shows, again, that the designer does not even have a small grasp of the power requirements needed when running induction burners. A search on Amazon brings up this portable induction burner, which, for all intents and purposes, is similar to this manteau grand froid canada goose jackets 2015 concept. This model proudly states that it can be used on 120 volt, 15 amp household current; most larger burners/cooktops have much higher power requirements. Even if an extremely thin, incredibly high-capacity battery—that could deliver 120 volts at 15 amps—existed, do you know how long it would take to charge that battery off USB? I get frustrated trying to charge my phone off USB because it takes so long.

I will say that the design is clever, in the way that the cooktop docks into the home unit, and how it can be easily removed and folded for transport.

My main concern regarding usability has to do with the controls for the cooktop. You can clearly see the interface here.

The power and temperature controls are all touch controls; the buttons are flush with the Ceran glass surface. The burners occupy a large footprint of the cooktop, with the controls on the periphery of the burner. Imagine having a pan on that burner, and you need to reduce the temperature. Depending on the size of your pan, your fingers will be really close to the hot exterior of the pan. Of course, I’m sure the reasoning for the placement of the controls is as follows: “There is no direct heat from an induction cooktop. The cooktop does not get hot, only the cookware gets hot. ” For the most part, this is true. The cooktop surface does not get hot. However, heat radiates. Ever put a pan right off a burner onto your countertop? If you move the pan a bit, and touch the countertop right where the pan was sitting, is it hot? You bet it is. That’s why trivets exist. While the ceramic glass surface is not heated directly, it will definitely get hot if there’s a hot pan resting on it. I understand where the designer is coming from, though, as there are touch controls on induction burners on the market.

This Fagor unit found on Amazon also has touch controls. However, the controls are a good distance away from the burner area. From a usability standpoint, it’s my opinion that touch controls on a surface that may be exposed to/right next to sources of heat are a bad idea.

I hate to bring it up, because I know that many designers are from other parts of the world, where English isn’t a native language. I understand that there may be misspellings or grammatical errors when creating a presentation in English. However, I will also argue that if you have chosen to create your presentation using English rather than your native language, then you should make absolutely sure that everything you say makes sense to those that speak and understand English. The words found on these images, used to explain how this manteau grand froid canada goose jackets 2015 works, were confusing to the point that I was unsure of how the product worked.

This isn’t a bad product. I mean, I want to like it. I can even think of ways that it could be changed, so it actually could be produced. But as it is, this is just stupid. It could be better. It could be real. But the designer clearly needs to focus less on the model making, and spend more time researching what they want their product to do, and how products similar to what they have in mind are engineered.

via Yanko Design.