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Radians Customized Molded Earplug Kit
I’ve been using in-ear monitors for about a year, and it’s made a huge difference – not only in what I can hear, but how I feel after the set. I’m prone to ringing in the ears from time to time, and I get less of that, and no headaches.

I started with universal fit UM-1 monitors from Westone. I’ve wanted custom-fit ones, but they are hideously expensive. I recently found a solution that seems interesting enough to give canada goose on sale montreal a try: making my own. I got the idea from a thread on the Worship Community Forums.

The materials are simple: earplug molds and a decent set of earbuds. I bought a pair of Ultimate Ears 200 noise-isolating earphones. For the mold, I’m using a Radians Custom Molded Earplug Kit. This kit is designed for people who are exposed to loud noise all day – shooting, construction, etc… They have a noise-reduction rating of 26, which is pretty good.

The mold is a two-part putty, each part coming in separate containers. Here are the steps I took.

Separate the putty into two pieces, and the white activator into two pieces. You now have four little balls of stuff.

That’s it. I’ve seen other directions putting the phones on the outside, and drilling a hole for the sound once they harden. I suppose that canada goose on sale montreal a viable way to do things, and may make the mold fit a little better.

In use:

I used them for the first time this Sunday, and found positives and negatives. First the negatives – the fit wasn’t perfect, especially in the right ear, which is the first one I did. The left ear is as tight as a drum. Secondly, I think I could have positioned the wire better, as canada goose on sale montreal doesn’t want to loop tight over the ear. I’m hoping that will get better as they get broken in, and that the new wire was just every stiff.

well. All I can really hear is what is coming through my monitors and the drums. I really get no stage volume at all. I wound up pulling the rubber plugs off the earbuds, which helped with the fit. You don’t need them, anyway with this setup.

I would imagine that with a pair of really good quality, multi-driver headphones, this setup would be phenomenal, and that
. will be the next step. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on an experiment. Total investment here is under $20 from Amazon. I would imagine that using as set like the UE 700 dual-driver phones and the Radian kit, you could make a custom set that would rival a $600-plus custom monitor setup.