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Saturn techniques to Scorpio
“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. ”— John Quincy Adams

Life is cyclical; as we age (a distinct Saturn concept) we come to realize that more and more. The cyclical nature of our life is beautifully represented by the cycle of Saturn, which divides our lives into three approx. 30-year periods and then subdivides this into seven year cycles and approx. every 2. 5 years or so Saturn changes signs, marking a shorter period when our concentrated attention shifts to address new issues and responsibilities.

The write up about Saturn in Scorpio with horoscopes for each of the signs is at www. astrologicallyspeaking. com/SaturnScorpio. html

There is a time for everything, and as we experience cycle after cycle—short and long—we come to understand the flow of life (well, to an extent). Saturn is astrology is one of the primary timers, hence all the clocks in the image. We need to work at addressing our issue at length. Saturn in Scorpio will get to the bottom of canada goose logan parka for sale and will not let something just go or change direction. The sign of Scorpio is determined, it also prefers to sustain and build upon a solid foundation.

Saturn is defined as the major malefic in classical astrology; Saturn rewards effort, there is no luck involved…only sustained, unwavering effort and willingness to accept that this all takes time.

With Saturn we deal with real life, we need to ensure that we build proper foundations for life, home, etc. and that we assume responsibility for our own actions. In the world stage we tend to experience a shortage of something that is represented by the sign—Scorpio represents canada goose logan parka for sale that we mine out of the ground, potentially food that grows underground such as potatoes.

For example over the past 2. 5 years Saturn was in Libra, and most Sun sign Libras will be talking about it having been somewhat tough. Saturn is a strict teacher, we learn from our mistakes and we learn to fix them. We find that we need to assume responsibility for all of our actions and deeds; and even our thoughts, which do materialize, our beliefs and convictions colour the reality we create for ourselves. Saturn the greater malefic in astrology, and was in the sign of exaltation—Libra—from October 29, 2009 until October 5, 2012. In the course of 2012 Saturn has travelled the final six degrees (22°45-29°30’) twice; ensuring that anyone with planets at those degrees learn their lessons thoroughly.

There is no preview for Saturn in Scorpio, only the main event and then a three-month review in 2015 after the preview in Sagittarius…Saturn in astrology represents mountains and rock formations. If you have a rock collection rather than a pile of seashells, you might just be more Saturnian than Neptunian…

If you are approaching your 30th birthday (born November 29, 1982 – May 6, 1983 and August 24, 1983 – November 17, 1985) you will be experiencing you first Saturn return. If you are approaching your 59th birthday (born October 22, 1953 – January 12, 1956 and May 14, 1956 – October 10, 1956) you will have your second Saturn return. These are milestone times in life. At the first one we become of age, astrologically speaking, we have experienced a full cycle of the planet associated with maturation, responsibility and age. We need to live up to societal standards, make adult decisions and gear up to our productive years as a member of a larger community. While, astrologically speaking, we calculate these ‘returns’ (kind of like a tax return…must do, don’t want to), to the degree and minute, it should be noted that the entire time Saturn is in the same sign as the one we born with— 30, 60 or 90 years ago—we will be working out the matters indicated for us. This is based on the sign, location and aspects of the Saturn in your chart.

Some of us are working with our identity and personality, with Saturn in the first we tend to be more serious in life and may feel that our middle name is ‘responsibility’. Others with money matters, and with Saturn in the second house we may feel that we never manage to build enough security to stop working hard toward our financial goals. If Saturn is in the third house in our charts, we feel obligations toward our immediate community and this includes siblings, cousins not just our neighbours. We strive harder to be understood and might have experienced frustration during our early education or growing up environment. Saturn in the fourth makes family matters a life-long challenge, and we may even delay starting our own family or settling down to a house of own; opting perhaps to look after aging parents and people who are like family to us.

For some of us the issues are always about raising children while finding time for our own creative energy (yes we all have some of that), all of this feels like a responsibility and even hobbies need to be scheduled and organized; the same might go for fun. Those of us with Saturn in the sixth house are working out issues in life through the work environment.

It matters where Saturn was by location at the time you were born, there are twelve of these locations in an astrological chart. The first six basic concept in the preceding bit, the last six contain more shared kind of concepts such as relationships, shared assets, travel and higher learning, career, community at large and then all places that are somehow isolated from the mainstream…

If you have Saturn in the seventh house, you might find that you attract older people by your side and you are more likely to give the authority of decision making to another. Once you commit to a relationship you will honour that commitment to a fault. Saturn in the eighth house can bring continuous worries about future financial security, you may worry more than most about any investments you make. Your constitution might be rather strong unless there are strong contradictions from other energies in the chart. Saturn by sign and house can be an indication of a chronic condition such as arthritis—something we need to learn to manage. Saturn in the ninth house in a chart can make societal expectations high in a person’s life; you may find that all that you learn leaves a strong imprint on your convictions and beliefs. You prefer canada goose logan parka for sale factual rather than imaginary. Religion may be something you question in the light of facts not fiction. Saturn tends to bring delays in the concepts represented by house he is found in the natal chart.

Saturn in the tenth, similarly to in the first, brings a strong sense of responsibility now in a public, less personal setting. Saturn here is said to be ambitious—it is how we define ambition that makes the difference. The tenth house marks the area where we need to be on our best, offer the best to others and learn that we need to take our time, learn our lessons and in our productive years (following the first Saturn return) we might find that our middle name is work and obligations. The rewards might be garnered following the second Saturn return in our late fifties.

The eleventh house Saturn brings with it an obligation to contribute to groups and societal causes. It may limit the amount of accolades for doing the work. Saturn in Vedic astrology is known as the servant, which I think is a very appropriate term. Saturn rewards effort, there are no unearned rewards.

Saturn in the twelfth house may bring isolation and limitations; we may feel the collective guilt more than most. However, this is one of the favoured places of Saturn, we don’t have to ward off our enemies the Universe takes care of that—we are kind of protected. Going out of you comfort zone may take time, but when you try something new and potentially in a new setting, life becomes rewarding.

If you read the horoscopes for Saturn in Scorpio based on your rising sign, you will get more clues about the house meanings for a natal Saturn in that house. Note that the houses in a horoscope column and equal in size, based on the signs and does not incorporate more advanced topics such as interceptions, which in turn change the sign on the cusp.

There is always more to be said than any astrological writer can fit in an article, story, book, etc. For those of my readers that want something a bit more personalized, check out Saturn’s promise. Of late it has been an extremely popular report…

Copyright Anne Massey, October 2012.