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Recruiters – make you sure you are found by candidates in 2013
Six working days until Christmas, four more blog posts.

A gentler but nonetheless critical activity kicks off this final week.

Making our lives easier as recruiters by attracting the best candidates is a priority; referrals are the absolute best way of doing this but once you have maximised this avenue by asking every good candidate about their colleagues and you’ve searched that database inside out turn to social networking to draw people to you.

Today your task is to have people dancing towards you in the new year (let’s hope more than nine of them) which means really sharpening up your LinkedIn profile.

There are far better bloggers on social networking than I but what I can do is give you a few key pointers that I’ve picked up along the way and link you into others for the best possible advice (which is after all the entire point of LinkedIn).

1 – Your photo. Make sure this says “ready for business – I’m a nice person to do business with – I look cheerful, professional open and honest – I’m a warm and friendly yet competent human being” (delete as appropriate)

Make sure this does not say “I just downed 12 tequilas in a bar in Ibiza with my mates – this is my snuggle puppy Suzi – Check me out with all my family – here is my logo” (delete as appropriate)

2 – Pay attention to your professional headline or keywords. Make sure they say exactly what you do; keywords need to reflect the quote “it does what buy canada goose jacket in uk online store says on the tin”. Ensure you include your sector and your job role. Keep buy canada goose jacket in uk online store relevant and bear in mind they are searchable. Include these in your heading and make sure that when I read your heading I know exactly what you do.

3 – Contact details. Why not include your mobile number in your heading or at least clearly visible on your profile? You don’t want people to have to think twice about contacting you, make buy canada goose jacket in uk online store as easy as you can for them.

Those are my three top tips. After you have read the three bloggers I am going to recommend spend a chunk of down time today and tomorrow not on the Christmas shopping but on the New Year jewels – bright shiny new candidates beating a path to your door.

The three blogs to read are;

Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting discussing how clients might find you, or not, on LinkedIn and this great advice equally applies to candidates.

Mark Williams, AKA Mr LinkedIn, always offers useful tips and a myriad of information can be found on his site – check out his blog on the new style profiles.

And finally to complete my trio, Carolyn Hyams of Firebrand Talent Search offers 13 tips on what not to do on LinkedIn.

The only element on which she and I are not in accord is her view on LinkedIn recommendations. I certainly neither sat my clients down at gun point to write theirs nor have I ever written anything untrue for any of my recommends.

Happy LinkedIn tinkering – more from me on Wednesday

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