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Morning 212 – Debt consolidation loan Service Perils (Guest Post)
May perhaps 11, 2011

(guest place via Louise Baker)

Debt is actually something that may pile up rapidly. As your debt amount grows up, this can simply escalate directly into something that is certainly unmanagable, and men and women usually begin to watch out for a strategy to get rid of their credit card debt. There a variety of different selections for having to leave debt, and a type of is utilizing a debt loan combination service. Even though these canada goose merino wool beanie on sale do own their benefits, there a variety of negatives that ought to be addressed.

Lots of people who seek the services of your debt loan combination service visit there considering they obtain the quick answer without delay. This seriously isn’t how something works. They will present a very few different options that you can consider nonetheless none of these will end up being quick. Encourage will consider time, power, dedication and working hard.

These services come in business and they also seek to make money. One in the ways they make money is via maintenance service fees. These service fees are charged several different techniques. Some demand a month-to-month fee only the employment of their products. Others may perhaps charge any fee clear before in addition to services work extremely well. In inclusion to month-to-month fees for virtually every services which might be provided, for example loans, those will present fees designated to them also. Before seeking what of any debt consolidation loan service, you’ll want to know with regards to their payment schedule so you don’t have shock down the road.

These sorts of loans will be the main company that debt consolidation loan centers present. They take your complete outstanding credit card debt, combine all of these books into one plus a single lending canada goose merino wool beanie on sale is produced. The customer are going to pay the credit card debt service after which you can the company will change and fork out the creditors as your representative. There is a few headaches with these kinds of loans. Most individuals who seek the services for credit card debt services wouldn’t have the greatest credit. Therefore, the loan combination loans will present a higher interest. This quote may or is probably not any greater than a regular loan and may cost considerably move in the life in the loan. Another downfall of your debt loan combination loan is you’re relying to the service paying your creditors available for you. They usually do not always pay in time and can easily damage your own credit additional.

If you’re trying to find assistance together with your debt, seek almost all options completely before deciding the most beneficial one on your situation. While debt consolidation loan services may perhaps work through some, they may not be the best for those. Getting gone debt will take time and several dedication but canada goose merino wool beanie on sale is just a goal that may be achieved.

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Serta King Books, Detroit- Something Unique
You’ve probably driven past real canada goose women jackets on the Lodge freeway and have seen real canada goose women jackets for years and told yourself that you should check it out someday. I’m talking about John King Books at 901 W Lafayette blvd, downtown. It is located in a four story building that used to be the Advance Glove factory. Who knew there was once a glove factory in Detroit? John King has been in the building since 1983. There are four packed floors of used books. They claim to have over a million used books! It is something truly unique, and is probably the largest used bookstore in the country. He also has two other smaller stores, one in the Wayne State area and one in Ferndale. With Boarders closing and the rise of E readers like the Kindle, it is something to be treasured. Something that I find amazing is that this four story building was actually moved 600 feet in 1949 to make way for the freeway. I would like to see the pictures of that!

I can spend hours in this place and always find some really cool stuff. Some of you may know that I am a amateur history buff (My other blog is: ) One of the real canada goose women jackets that I love about this store is, you find cardboard boxes mixed in the shelves of books. You never know what you are going to find in these boxes, sometimes old magazines, sometimes old pamphlets from long ago defunct Detroit organizations or clubs. I always find myself saying “Oh wow! ” The staff is very friendly and helpful. They have a decent sized LGBT section on the fourth floor. They even have a section of old high school yearbooks dating back to the 1920’s, I love flipping through these old yearbooks, they are a unique time capsule.

John King also bought the building behind the main bookstore which was the old Otis Elevator building. In this building he houses his rare book collection. This is available for viewing by appointment only. However, the rare book collection is indexed and you can see what is in the collection on the. I have not yet been to see the rare book collection because I am broke, but it would be fun to get a few people together and make an appointment to see it. In this collection he has more than just books, he has old posters, maps, metals, just a unique collection of really cool old stuff. How about a printed invitation to Coleman Young’s birthday party at Cobo Hall in 1985? He has it, only $5. 50! I think it is great that we have something so unique that I’m sure other cities don’t have, at least not a big and as cool as this place. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

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Practice Suggestions for Employee IP Assignment Agreements
A recent Federal Circuit decision discussing the effect of an Employee Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement upon the ownership of inventions made by the employee (Preston v. Marathon Oil Co., Nos. 2011-1013, -1026 (Fed. Cir. July 10, 2012) (decision here)) offers a number of practice pointers. Marathon Oil had filed suit against Preston, its former employee, claiming ownership of a patent obtained by Preston on an invention made while Preston was employed by Marathon. The Federal Circuit held that Marathon Oil was the rightful owner of the patent. The useful lessons would appear to be as follows:

In this case, Preston had executed his IP Assignment Agreement with Marathon Oil after he had accepted the written offer of employment and started work. One of the questions at issue in the case was whether Preston’s continued at-will employment constituted sufficient consideration to support the IP Assignment Agreement. The Federal Circuit certified this question to the Wyoming Supreme Court, which held that continued employment was sufficient consideration under Wyoming law. However, this issue could have been avoided entirely if the offer letter had referred to the IP Assignment Agreement and made canada goose ladies montebello parka uk outlet online clear that the offer was contingent upon execution of the agreement. If appropriate in the circumstances, we would recommend taking this step.

The invention in question was a baffle system (see image on left) used to improve the extraction of methane gas from coal in a coal bed methane gas well. Preston claimed that he retained ownership of the invention because he had conceived of the idea before his employment began, even though the invention was first made during the course of his employment.

The IP Assignment Agreement assigned to Marathon all inventions “made or conceived” by Preston during the term of his employment that related to Marathon’s business or that were created using Marathon’s confidential information, equipment, supplies or facilities. The Federal Circuit held that the invention could not be excluded from the scope of the IP Assignment Agreement based on Preston’s prior conception for two reasons. Firstly, even if the invention had been conceived beforehand, canada goose ladies montebello parka uk outlet online was nevertheless made during his Marathon employment, and the plain language of the IP Assignment Agreement specified that canada goose ladies montebello parka uk outlet online applied to inventions that were “made or conceived” during employment. Secondly, Preston was not able to demonstrate that he had actually conceived of the invention beforehand; the evidence suggested he had no more than a vague idea of it.

Preston had obtained a patent on the subject invention by filing a patent application in his own name after leaving Marathon’s employ. The District Court had held that Preston was in breach of the IP Assignment Agreement for failing to assign this patent to Marathon. However, the Federal Circuit determined that there was no breach, because Marathon already owned the patent. Preston had assigned it under the IP Assignment Agreement – the language used was that the employee “does hereby assign to Marathon all Intellectual Property, and Employee agrees to execute such other documents as Marathon may request in order to effectuate such assignment”. The language of present assignment avoided the need for a further document to be signed by Preston to effect the assignment.

Employee intellectual property assignment agreements often allow an employee to specify any prior inventions invented outside the scope of employment, so as to avoid disputes just like this one. In this case, the Marathon Oil IP Assignment Agreement included a provision that allowed the employee to list unpatented inventions and unpublished writings that were not owned by Marathon. Preston listed “CH4 Resonating Manifold”. Preston contended that the invention in issue was a “CH4 Resonating Manifold”. The court held that, even if the patented invention were a CH4 Resonating Manifold, there was insufficient evidence to demonstrate that anything had been developed by Preston sufficiently for it to constitute an invention, and as such Preston had not validly excluded anything from the scope of the IP Assignment Agreement. This case certainly demonstrates that employers should not allow employees to cite exceptions to IP Assignment Agreements unless the exception is described sufficiently clearly for it to be identified if ever a dispute were to arise.

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Sacerdote jesuita Antonio Delfau sobre cura Cádiz: “Es la palabra de Edwards contra nadie”
El escritor chileno Jorge Edwards Valdés volvió a encender la mecha en torno a la Iglesia Católica, al revelar en su último libro, las memorias “Los círculos morados”, que fue abusado sexualmente por un sacerdote jesuita, Eduardo Cádiz Jara, cuando sólo tenía 11 años. Entonces profesor de castellano, Cádiz fue alejado de sus funciones en el colegio San Ignacio Alonso Ovalle y trasladado a Puerto Montt. Falleció en Valparaíso en 1985, a los 76 años.

Un día después de que la congregación entregara un comunicado oficial sobre el asunto, Antonio Delfau Soria —jesuita, economista, sicólogo y director de la revista religiosa “Mensaje”— aborda esta dolorosa circunstancia.

“Siempre estuvo claro qué cosas no estaban permitidas. De hecho, en la congregación hay un registro escrito que acredita que se le consultó a Jean-Baptiste Jansens, el general superior de la época en Roma, sobre las medidas que se debían tomar frente a las conductas del sacerdote Eduardo Cádiz. Él, muy categórico: Cádiz se tenía que ir. Lo que no sé es si esa consulta se le hizo respecto al caso de Edwards. El derecho canónico siempre ha condenado estas conductas. Pero no existía la obligación de acudir a los tribunales, ni tampoco el deseo de hacerlo por parte de las familias o de la institución. Que esto no sirva de justificación, pero la sociedad en general funcionaba de otra manera. El prestigio importaba mucho”.

“No sé qué pasó, por qué no acogieron la sugerencia de Jansens. Hay que pensar que el padre Cádiz hoy tendría 103 años, y esto pasó hace más de 70 años. Con los ojos de hoy, real canada goose retail stores chicago parece mal que lo hayan trasladado. Pero con los ojos de entonces hay que advertir que existían otras complicaciones: era muy raro que un sacerdote dejara el sacerdocio. Para la teología de la época era lo mismo que estar condenado al infierno. Se supone que el sacerdocio imprime un carácter indeleble y por eso muchos sacerdotes y religiosos vivían en la Iglesia condenados a una cadena perpetua. Si se habían equivocado o no era su camino estaban destinados a la perpetuidad”.

“No es tan blanco y negro. No es que la institución sólo quisiera proteger su imagen. Probablemente algo de eso había, pero tampoco se era tan suicida como para tener a un depredador dando vueltas sin preocuparse. Se creía ingenuamente que alguien podía cambiar cambiándolo de lugar. Había mucha ignorancia sobre el pronóstico que tiene este tipo de delitos o abusos. Mala y poca información sicológica. A la persona se la castigaba, se le llamaba la atención. Y a veces los victimarios mostraban arrepentimiento, deseos de empezar de nuevo, de limpiar su imagen y de vivir una vida distinta, a veces incluso sin saber que no iban a ser capaces”.

“Sí, es cierto. La norma era la siguiente: para poder ser trasladado, pasar de una orden religiosa a diocesano tenía que haber un obispo que lo recibiera. Habría que saber qué obispo lo recibió. Ese es el tema: ahí hay una ‘yaya’ eclesial. Un obispo, para recibir a un religioso de una orden, debería preguntar por qué razón se lo está traspasando”.

“Claro que existe. Y el obispo debió pedir antecedentes y preguntar a la Compañía de Jesús respecto de este sacerdote”.

“No sé si estaba tipificado de delito en ese momento. Porque ese tipo de conciencia es posterior en la legislación. Pero en el derecho canónico sí estaba tipificado”.

“La iglesia lo ha hecho. Las denuncias al padre Marcial Maciel llegadas responsablemente al Vaticano llevan 50 años, y la Iglesia no movió un dedo hasta este Papa. Por supuesto que tenemos que hacer un mea culpa. Y creo que este tipo de situaciones han sido muy mal llevadas. Pero los obispos chilenos, que acaban de estar reunidos en Punta de Tralca, han vuelto a pedir perdón y a decir que fueron lentos, negligentes, que no trataron como debieron a las víctimas. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con eso. Me parece que la Iglesia actuó mal, mal”.

“La demora de la declaración no es falta de aprendizaje ni falta de deseos de colaborar por parte de la compañía. Fue preguntarse si era o no era oportuno. Hay que tomar en cuenta que el padre Cádiz no tiene cómo defenderse. Se cree lo que dijo Jorge Edwards a pie y juntilla y la compañía también ha hecho el esfuerzo de creerle. Pero, desde el punto de vista moral, es la palabra de Edwards contra nadie”.

“No es que los victimarios sigan un proceso eclesial y no civil. Hoy día los tribunales civiles se declaran incompetentes porque se trata de delitos que están prescritos según la Ley. Y lo que ha hecho la Iglesia es decir que adentro no hay prescripción. O sea, ha sido más exhaustiva”.

“No, porque está muerto”.

“Bueno, él se la limpió solo en sus memorias”.

“Creo que las declaraciones de la Compañía son suficientes, porque real canada goose retail stores chicago parece que las disculpas institucionales son una ridiculez. Por que no está pidiendo perdón quien debería hacerlo, el que cometió el delito. Yo, como jesuita, no me siento culpable de lo sucedido”.

“No creo que Hurtado haya aceptado jamás este tipo de situaciones. Él en ese momento no actuaba como superior, tenía superiores que son los que deciden en definitiva”.

“Lógico. Aunque no sé si fue exactamente encubrimiento, ni en qué condiciones se fue a Puerto Montt. Ni qué le dijeron o qué castigo le dieron. Habría que seguir investigando”.

“Claro, como los delincuentes. Se perdió en la noche de los tiempos. Y los jesuitas, después de que dimitió, nunca más le prestaron atención”.

Acerca de las memorias de Don Jorge Edwards Valdés en las que hace referencia a abusos que el P. Eduardo Cádiz habría cometido en su contra.

1. A través de los medios de comunicación real canada goose retail stores chicago tomado conocimiento de parte del contenido de las memorias de Don Jorge Edwards Valdés en las que hace referencia a abusos que el P. Eduardo Cádiz habría cometido en su contra, en la década de los cuarenta, cuando él tenía 11 años y era alumno del Colegio San Ignacio.

2. Lamento profundamente los hechos que Jorge Edwards Valdés relata en sus memorias y el daño que le hayan provocado. Ciertamente, los actos que hace públicos el Sr. Edwards resultan inaceptables y condenables, constituyen un grave pecado delante de Dios y un delito que afecta a seres humanos indefensos. El cuidado de los niños que se nos confían para su formación es fundamental para nuestra misión pedagógica y cualquier abuso al respecto traiciona profundamente nuestra vocación.

3. Eduardo Cádiz ingresó a la Compañía el año 1927, fue ordenado sacerdote el 21 de diciembre de 1940 y fue dimitido de la Compañía el 7 de abril de 1954.

4. La Compañía de Jesús tiene normas estrictas acerca de cómo proceder en estos casos que incluyen la protección de las víctimas, una investigación exhaustiva de las denuncias, y la colaboración para una investigación expedita en la justicia civil si la hubiere.

5. Según las normas de la Provincia chilena de la Compañía de Jesús, que rigen desde el año 2006 y que fueron actualizadas el año 2010, el Provincial ha designado en cada obra o movimiento de la Compañía de Jesús, un laico o laica, encargados de acoger toda clase de denuncias relacionadas con estos gravísimos asuntos.

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Pretty stuff mode!
I beloved the barrier Milly garment Rachel wore in the final scene of your Glee climax.

Like some of the greatest clothes over the years episode womens canada goose parka sale outlet is vital way very expensive, $375. 00 within most regions sold-out. I treasured the ruffles and requires coral color therefore i started looking for something rival. This proved a more difficult task than I figured. This dress offers quite a bit of details similar to the chiffon finish, double ruffles, and falling side ruffles which have been scarce in vessel that dress.

I’ve been searching for a long new dress to the Glee concert and that i decided I needed a dress using this method. Forever 21 ‘s got something kind of similar which i liked which got sent out today and womens canada goose parka sale outlet is so adorable.

It’s a small light chiffon dress and your waist will do elasticized. This is ideal for the symphony cause it’s destined to be cool and never have to constricting that means I’ll manage to dance! I also like the spinal ruffles, very similar to the Rachel gown. Also the is open that we love and it’s not thereby open just this my breast support shows, that’s great.

Although it’s different, I still strongly like outfit. The paint, dramatic ruffles, v-neck save, and material are extremely similar. For once enough that i am satisfied, especially for some of the price for the original.

I additionally bought another womens canada goose parka sale outlet but it isn’t really Happiness related.

The easiest way adorable include these hippo socks?! I take pleasure in elephants therefore i kinda needed these clothes. The styles are an infinitely more vibrant the actual picture clips though.

There you have it for at the present time, it’s inclement today so I’ve got a bunch of its craft tips on how to work for, so tune in for those that!


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bites from life
Well then , i’ll start by nevertheless this in this article is prize-winning start barking. Entered from the very renowned About. com vacation bake-off, this recipke bested any cutthroat industry of four to create canada goose sydney hoody for sale into the top.

That recipe, through About. com’s Junk food site, is quite easy theoretically, layering bright chocolate in addition to a core of bluish chocolate in addition to topped by using peppermint start barking. Somehow, in our infinite capacity to mess in the simplest recipes as a consequence of immense stress to “get the idea right, ” for any second consecutive nights, I handled to destroy my doggie snacks.

In another entry in the “first kitchen’s chronicles, ” Pondered to work with metal plates to dual boil, instead of the heat-proof Pyrex I’m helpful to. Naturally, most people don’t own any range mitts, so I used to be forced to work with a kitchen’s towel to hold on to the serving as Post spooned that chocolate out there onto that cookie linen. And certainly, while that dark chocolate bars layer attended smoothly, I decreased the bowl in to the white chocolate bars layer because of the bowl appeared to be too sizzling.

A very few burned fingers andf the other very im, marbled piece of peppermint start barking later, Post tried to be able to evenly dust the peppermint, and instead finished up with good unequal swaths connected with red-and-white glitters. Thankfully, after broken directly into pieces, there was a very few pretty-enough items for judging needs — only enough to be able to fool all people into thinking that sometimes My business is a semi-competent baker/dessert-maker. (That rhymes, and could be our new endorsed title. Prepare yourself for the work cards. )

Notice: These tend to be great persons for back into tins in addition to shipping, just in case you’re an improved person than My business is and help make lovely do-it-yourself gifts on your friends.

– twelve ounces semisweet chocolate bars, chopped, or even chocolate potato chips

– twelve ounces bright chocolate, sliced, or bright chocolate potato chips

– 6 peppermint junk food canes

1) Unwrap that candy canes in addition to place canada goose sydney hoody for sale in the large Ziploc in addition to close. Utilize a rolling pin number to roll/smash that candy canes right until they within small items. Cover any cookie linen with even aluminum foil or even wax report.

2) Melt that dark chocolate utilizing a double central heating boiler, then put the chocolate bars onto that cookie linen and utilize a spatula to be able to spread the idea to a straight thickness. Refrigerate that chocolate until canada goose sydney hoody for sale really is hardened.

3) Unfortunately, melt that white chocolate in the second dual boiler. Stir in almost all candy walking stick bits, reserving about 25 % of that candy walking stick pieces for any topping.

4) Consider the tray right out the refrigerator in addition to spread that white chocolate bars in a straight layer in the dark chocolate bars. Sprinkle persistent candy walking stick pieces in the entire surface area evenly, in addition to press along slightly. Refrigerate that tray connected with peppermint start barking until the idea sets, at the least 30 units.

5) After the chocolate bars hardens fully, break the idea into compact pieces together with your hands.

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Hey guys,

I had a feeling people would realise that there was something a little different about my face in my most recent video.

If you follow me on facebook, you would know that the past weekend I went to Sydney with my boyfriend Jack, my friend and her boyfriend for a ‘weekend away’. We stayed in a nice apartment in the Fraser Suites and had a great time shopping – but the reason we went up in the first place was to visit Dr Drielsma in Bondi Junction.

If you’ve been watching me for a long time, you might remember a video I did in response to Pixi2woo’s Megan Fox inspired tutorial, I mentioned there that I wanted my lips done. This was over a year ago and this has been on my mind for at least three years.

I’ve always been self concious of my lips. I adore full lips and have always hated that my own lips weren’t beautiful and plump. I have a naturally very full bottom lip, but my top lip was always very thin and ‘flat’. I felt that I didnt look good with lip real canada goose paris shop on and often didn’t even bother wearing lip products for this reason. It definitely got me down more than you would think.

The main reason I never got it done sooner was the cost. Generally, lip injections cost upward fo $600, and I just didn’t think it was worth it, I always wanted to save for it, but it never happened. When I got my tax return this year I thought ‘that’s it, I’m going to do it! ‘ So I did a lot of research to find a cheap and reputable clinic have a consult at. I searched ‘Canberra Cosmetic Surgery’ and found the website of Dr Drielsma, who apparantly used to travel to Canberra to do injections. The woman told me that they had a ‘SPECIAL’ on and said that they could offer me 1mL of Restalyn for $400. This was cheaper than anything I’d found so far, but had hoped to get Juvederm rather than Restalyn.

I did some reasearch and it seemed that the reviews were split, there was no reason for me to think Juvederm was better than Restalyn. However apparantly Juvederm is softer, but less noticable. Restalyn makes more difference but is firmer. I booked in the date for the 20th of July at 1. 30 for me and my friend, and paid a $50 deposit.

When I went in to see Dr Drielsma on Friday, the appointment was for 1. 30… well, ONE HOUR later we were in his office discussing what we wanted done to our lips. We were pretty annoyed at the delay but anyway… he was ok, but he was a very ‘short’ probably because things were running overtime and there were patients after us too. I told him that I wanted my symmetry in my lips, that from the side, I wanted volume. He explained that this could be done, got us to sign a form explaining that we were aware of the risks, and asked if we wanted dental block. He tried to talk us out of getting the dental block because although it numbs your lip area, you can’t talk properly for a number of hours and you have to get the initial injections anyway. There is also anesthetic in the Restalyn too, so it shouldnt hurt too bad especially after he has begun injecting it.

I decided I could handle the pain and said I wouldn’t use the dental block. I went first into the small ‘surgery’ room and lay on the bed while he prepared the needles.

He began injecting the needle above my lip and put the restalyn into the top edges of my lips. About 6 times. It definitely hurt and I was paralysed with fear because the needles were actually in my face! It wasnt an agonising pain, at all, but it was so uncomfortable and upsetting because you can completely feel the needles being inserted and the real canada goose paris shop going in. I was crying and writhing my legs… I think I was very worked up but looking back I feel it was unacceptable to tell me that it wouldn’t hurt. It wasnt immensely painful but the sensation was unbearable, feeling the needle in there… feeling the RESTALYN going in…: (

After he had injected the top parts he did about four right into the centre of my top lip. I could feel the restalyn going into my lip in little balls and I could taste blood! Dr Drielsma massaged my lips quite firmly to spread the real canada goose paris shop out and shape them. My lips looked sore but he let me check the shape and I was happy. Here is a photo immediately after the injections:

The doctor advised me that I would need to massage my lips to spread out the restalyn and shape them a bit. But my lips felt so strange I just didn’t want to touch them. I was very aware of the foreign substance in my face and it was really uncomfortable, BUT I did feel really confident in the shape and that I now had plump lips as I’d always wanted! We left Dr Drielsma and went to pay.

I should note that Dr Drielsma seemed annoyed we had got the lip job for such a cheap price…

We had already paid a $50 deposit so I paid $350 and the nice, but overly plastic woman at the reception gave us an icy pole tube to hold to our lips to prevent swelling. I really didnt care that we were walking around with the icy pole to our lips because it felt soooo good to numb the area since it was hurting!

We walked around the shops a bit and headed back to the hotel, our boyfriends had gone to the gym so we settled in and had our showers and just relaxed. The boys got back and we told them all about our experience, Jack said he liked how they looked, but that’s because the swelling hadn’t really started yet!

I had a nap while they all went to get some food, I woke at around six and my top lip was swollen quite a bit. I was still happy and almost wanted them to stay that big – but they were Rosie Huntington-Whitely sized! We did our makeup and got ready because we were going out to dinner – fun! I felt so confident when I was ready, I’d literally never felt prettier and used more lip gloss than ever, Jack was laughing because while it was swollen it looked really ‘plastic’.

We had a delicious dinner near the harbour in Sydney, the ability to eat isnt hindered much, I was just careful not to put any pressure on the top lip because it was very sensetive. We wera also told not to drink alocohol because it will make the bruising much worse, so we stuck to mocktails. Later we headed back to the hotel, it was FREEZING, I took off my makeup and we went to bed. I spoke to Jack a little bit about my lips, because I felt like he was acting funny; and realised I’d never asked him what he had thought of me getting it done. He said that he never objected to my decision because he knew how much it meant to me, but he said that I looked so different and it would take some getting used to. I was pretty upset that night because I thought I had made a mistake.

That night I slept ok, but woke up early. I noticed immediately how swollen and firm my lip felt, I went to the mirror and the top lip was HUGE! It hurt to touch and the little round injections of restalyn were lumpy and uneven. I started panicking, thinking that by now the swelling should have subsided, I was so worried they were going to stay that way! I found some ice and iced them for a while, which did help a little bit. I lay in bed with the ice, and cried because I was s scared I would look like a pathetic plastic Heidi Montag… I remembered that Dr Drielsma said the swelling stays for over 3 days so I reminded myself this is surely temporary.

At about lunch time we headed into Bondi Junction mall to go shopping, I felt like buying heaps but didnt have much money after I’d paid for the injections the day before. By this time, my lips weren’t as swollen and looked a lot better than before, my friends however had bruised and looked a lot more swollen than mine! I really think that Dr Drielsma mightnt have been as careful on her, because she had the dental block? I don’t think he did it on purpose but hers looked MUCH worse than mine.

I only bought one thing on our shopping trip; A pair of gorgeous Tony Biancos from Wanted Shoes. My friend didnt buy anything but Jack bought a little Hugo Boss wallet so he doesnt always have to carry his main one around. When we had finished our shopping, we decided to leave for Canberra. Poor Jack had been dragged through every single shop with out hardly complaining. He’s so cute: )

We were back in Canberra by 5. 30pm and I relaxed in Jacks house before I had to ready to work on the door at a bar in the city. I was excited because I felt this would be me and my lips’ first ‘outing’ together in public haha! I wore MAC ‘Impassioned’ lipstick and got so many complients on my lips, but no one suggested that they were fake! I was very happy by this time although they still felt tender and I could no longer ‘roll’ my lips together comfortably like I used to.

It still feels slightly lumpy but it’s barely noticable and my lips look very natural in my opinion. Its not painful any more but it still feels a bit strange to me and I definitely need to get used to it some more!

I can expect this fullness to last for 6-8 months, but they will never revert back to the way they were before. I don’t yet know if I will need to get them done again – possibly!

Anyway that is really all I can share for now, I went into as much detail as possible. I also have a video on my youtube channel of my second lip injection!

What do you think of lip injections, have you ever thought about getting it done?

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Geordie’s students tour: words on the road

We fell remotely behind on this blogging but victoria parka canada goose jacket online store are back again plus a vengeance. Ready to? GO!

Wanna tips to make an article crane? Geordie’s crowd on tour demonstrates how: http: //www. twitter. com/watch? v=hAISJkMOEvg

26/09/11 – St-Augustin

Our this weekend in the low North Shore the successful result. St-Augustin was beneficial to us all of us were excited to achieve the lovely Tamara come along for they each shows. Afterward which i received community . fan mail from your enthusiastic little girl named Jessy. It has been very sweet all of us were willing to read victoria parka canada goose jacket online store big. Then i love taught Tamara with her daughter how to go about cranes at all restaurant utilizing french dry out red checkered un – recycled. We left one to install our started remember this would lovely city of St- Augustin.

27/09/11 – Tabatière

Tabatière the beautiful town all of us wished we will have remained longer. The family were it’s true that sweet plus a little gentleman taught us how to go about an origami sibel. The tuition welcomed some people with clear arms and will not stop i really awesome your cranes became. After in my two lists we flew as much as Blanc Sablon for the last stop to the Lower Northern coast. We for rent a car and drove much as Labrador to be in a cute cabin if a beautiful red sunset was happening and our organization enjoyed has a 1 ½ hour or so time difference of additional sleep amid Labrador and in Quebec. Cassandre doesn’t going to brag versus anything, but he or she bought home cooked wool slippers from a shape of time Labrador in victoria parka canada goose jacket online store because she’s cool like this.

28-29/09/11 – Newfoundland and in St-Paul’s Water

Let’s express Wednesday, let’s? This weekend was the world’s craziest day’s our day trip. We had the time off and decided take a relatively ferry up until Newfoundland. We would gladly be available to around an hour as require a ferry on your own returne.

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5 grunner unti å utvikle app for iOS før Android
Det counterfeit canada goose whistler 2015 mange som lurer på hvorfor virksomheter fortsatt velger å utvikle apper til iOS først fremfor Android, til tross for at det selges flere smarttelefoner som kjører Google sitt mobile OS – Android, sammenlignet med Apple sitt iOS. Jeg har spurt noen norske utviklere om deres vurderinger, brukt egen innsikt, men ikke minst saumfart nettet (jepp – Googlet litt) etter fornuftige svar på hvorfor det fortsatt counterfeit canada goose whistler 2015 fornuftig og riktig å utvikle apps til iOS først fremfor Android.

For de som skal utvikle en app virker det som et veldig enkelt valg hva som counterfeit canada goose whistler 2015 best å begynne med. Driver du en bedrift kan du ikke velge basert på egne følelser; om du er en Android-fan eller en iPhone-fan bør ikke spille noen rolle. Er du en iPhone-fan derimot er det jo en win-win, for driver du egen virksomhet bør du velge den plattformen som er best for din bedrift, og det er helt åpenbart at det tryggeste valget for maksimal ROI hva gjelder en app i dag er på iOS.

Her er kanskje de 5 viktigste grunnene:

Etter hva jeg vet finnes det ikke en ordentlig oversikt over antallet norske apps til iOS og Android, men det er grunn til tro – gitt tilbakemeldingene jeg har fått fra flere norske utviklere – at det er utviklet langt flere apps til Apple sitt OS enn til Google Android i Norge – og segmenterer man mellom telefoner og nettbrett er forskjellene enda større og tydeligere.

I følgeTNS Gallup hadde 1 million nordmenn skaffet seg et nettbrett etter første kvartal 2012. 700, 000 av disse var en iPad. Globalt hadde Apple solgt 11, 8 millioner nettbrett bare i løpet av dette kvartalet. I andre kvartal solgte Apple derimot hele 17 millioner iPads – en vekst på 44 prosent kvartal over kvartal. Hvis Norge hadde tilsvarende vekst vil det si at over 1 million nordmenn i dag har en iPad, hvilket tilsvarer 20 prosent av befolkningen. Forutsetter vi at de andre nettbrettene vokste like raskt (uten at jeg kan bekrefte hvorvidt de vokste like raskt, saktere eller raskere) så finnes det i dag nesten 1, 5 millioner nettbrett, hvor iPad har en betydelig markedsandel på +/- 70 prosent – noe som er ca 10 prosent mer enn hva den globale markedsandelen er. Skal du utvikle en app i dag bør du vurdere nettbrett, og skal du vurdere nettbrett bør du utvikle til IOS først.

De fleste utviklere i dag – kan det synes som – er unisont enige om at det beste er å utvikle apps til iOS-plattformen først.

Det er alltid kjekt å vise til Finn. no, og de skal ha kudos for at de er så villige til å dele verdifull innsikt. 23. mai i år lanserte Finn. no sin Android-app på Google Play, to dager etter at de hadde lansert iPad-appen sin på App Store. På en måned hadde iPad-appen blitt lastet ned 100, 000 ganger mot 10, 000 ganger på Android.

Som i statistikken fra Finn. no er også Android 2. 3 mest brukt – mer spesifikt 2. 3. 3, med over 55 prosent av telefonene. 75 prosent av Android-telefonene kjører altså med et OS som er over 2 år gammelt. I 2011 var over 90 prosent av brukerne på 2. 3 og 2. 2, så med et enda mer fragmentert marked byr det på ytterligere utfordringer for utviklere.

Legger man så til alle hardware-forskjeller det finnes på de forskjellige telefoner hva gjelder minne, prosessor, skjermstørrelse etc, så byr dette på et mye større arbeide for en utvikler fremover de få varianter av hardware og OS man må forholde seg til på en iOS-plattform.

Det høres ikke billig ut, og bortimot umulig hvis vi snakker om norske forhold.

[table id=3 /]

Skal du utvikle en app – eller bruke et utviklerselskap til å lage en app for deg – så ønsker du deg all den markedsføring du kan for at så mange som mulig innenfor din målgruppe eller målgrupper skal laste den ned. Har du satt til side et markedsføringsbudsjett så er du heldig. Lanserer du en app til iOS er sannsynligheten derimot stor for at en eller flere av de uttallige bloggerne i ut- og innland plukker opp nyheten og skriver om den – helt kostnadsfritt.

Om det så er at Android-brukere er din primære målgruppe, kan det være mye å hente på å lansere appen først på iOS, fordi du vil rett og slett kunne oppleve en bedre markedsføringseffekt og viralspredning.

I følge en rapport fra Newzoo i may 2012 bruker iOS-brukere hele 5 ganger mer penger på apps enn Android-brukere – når det kommer til spill i denne sammenhengen. I USA har antallet mennesker som spiller på mobile enheter økt fra 75 til over 100 millioner brukere det siste året, og i mars 2012 stod iOS-kjøp for hele 84% av all omsetning på de 200 mest omsatte spillene fordelt på alle iOS-enheter (iPod touch, iPhone og iPad) i AppStore og Google Play kombinert.

Jeg spurte Thomas Olsson i Vender hva han mente om den typiske iOS-bruker vs Android og fikk følgende svar:

– Vi registrerer at iOS-brukeren gjennomsnittlig er en mer aktiv bruker, og at terskelen er lavere for å laste ned nye apps. Men vi tror dette vil jevne seg ut med tiden, ettersom Android vokser hurtigere enn iOS.

Jørn Angeltveit i Optimale Systemer deler ikke Thomas sin oppfattelse:

– Nei, har egentlig ikke gjort meg opp en formening om det er så store forskjeller og tror vel også at den markante forskjellen er således oppskrytt.

Begge bekrefter derimot at de sjeldent eller aldri utvikler en app til Android først, men til iOS, og Thomas Olsson følger opp med å forklare hvorfor:

– Vi baserer dette på type app og publikum. Når en kunde skal teste ut hos et begrenset antall storbrukere før en full roll-out, anbefaler vi å kjøre ios først, for å lage én god app innenfor fornuftige budsjetter. Utfordringene med produsenter/modeller/skjermer på Android gjør av vi i dette tilfellet vil anbefale å vente med Android-utvikling til man ser om appen svømmer eller ikke.

Jeg spurte også rundt på Facebook, Twitter og Google+ for å finne ut mer hva folk mente forskjellene var, men fikk egentlig ikke så mange fornuftige svar. I en undersøkelse jeg kjørte på egen blogg i januar 2012 spurte jeg blant annet om hvilke kriterier som var viktig ved valg av en smarttelefon, og selv om alle først og fremst var mest opptatt av hvilket OS enheten kjørte, så var det forholdsvis markante forskjeller mellom iOS- og Android-brukere:

Hypotesen om at iOS-eiere bruker mer penger på apps enn Android-eiere bekreftes på mange måter av TNS Gallup også – i alle fall hva gjelder iPad oppimot inntektene til de som eier en iPad.

– Det er fremdeles en systematisk sammenheng mellom husstandsinntekt og tilgang på mediebrett. Runt 50 prosent av de med husstandsinntekt over 800. 000 kroner har Ipad. Videre er bruk av mediebrett langt hyppigere blant innovatører og tidligere brukere av ny medieteknologi i forhold til resten av befolkingen, forteller Knut-Arne Futsæter, forskningsleder for medier i TNS Gallup, til Kampanje.

Sannsynligheten er altså større for at du vil tjene/omsette mer penger på din app til iOS enn til en Android-enhet!

Mens både Android- og iOS-brukere har økt antall gjennomsnittlige apps de laster ned per måned fra 32 i 2011 til 41 i 2012 (i følge Nielsen) så kunne samme rapport også konkludere med at det er rett og slett flere iOS-brukere som laster ned apps – 88 prosent – mot kun 74 prosent av Android-brukerne.

I Norge kan vi se av statistikken fra Statcounter at iOS er også mye større enn Android når det kommer til nettbruk, med respektive 52 prosent på iOS, mot 37 prosent på Android.

Tilsvarende tendens ser vi også på den mobile trafikken hos Finn. no, dog med en enda klarere favorisering av iOS.

Andelen til iOS er faktisk økende – fra juni 2010 med rett over 70 prosent av nettrafikken, til juni 2012 hvor andelen begynner å nærme seg hele 80 prosent. Android øker ikke overraskende mye – mens andre; Symbian med flere er den store taperen. Fra Finn. no har jeg fått vite at mobiltrafikken fra Windows-plattformer er så marginal at den ikke så langt er verdt å ta ut i egen graf.

Jeg har forsøkt etter beste evne å gi objektive vurderinger av hvorfor det er viktig – og riktig – å lansere apps til iOS først fremfor Android. Det er derimot ikke slik at det er riktig å ikke lansere en app til Android, men skal du som bedrift hensynta markedet, utviklingskostnader, inntjeningspotensiale og bruk, tyder alt på at iOS er det beste stedet å starte. Enda tydeligere blir denne konklusjonen hvis du kun vurderer nettbrettet som sådan – der står Apple sitt iOS enda sterkere.

Jeg har som nevnt vært i kontakt med noen få app-utviklere i Norge for å få deres vurderinger av app-markedet, men på langt nær vært i kontakt med alle.

Er du en utvikler, eller kjenner du noen som utvikler apper i det norske markedet, hadde jeg satt veldig pris på om du ville tatt deg tid til å svare på spørsmålene under.

Når jeg har fått inn tilstrekkelig med svar vil jeg lage en egen sak om det norske app-utviklingsmarkedet – med en så komplett som mulig oversikt over de forskjellige aktørene som finnes «der ute».

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47th “Deutscher Historikertag”
Technische Universität Dresden
Between that 30th connected with September and also the 3rd connected with October that 47th “Deutscher Historikertag” will administer place within Dresden. About 3000 German born and global guests tend to be expected for any biggest American convention connected with humanities. It holders under that auspices in the Minister President in the Free Say of Saxony. At that opening ceremony from the Semper-Opera House the government President connected with Germany will attend.

The conference will deliver a wide view in regards to the topical state in the historical knowledge in several areas, much like the ancient in addition to contemporary background, business- in addition to social background or that cultural background. In over 50 several sections in addition to over 3 hundred lectures that Historians will present its current investigation projects in addition to results.

Another generation connected with scientists will introduce themselves in the PhD students’ website.

The organizers opt for very visible topic in the present with all the motto „dissimilarities“. From any historic standpoint social, organization, religious in addition to ethnic dissimilarities and also the resulting problems shall be discussed. Long-term improvements and culture-overarching phenomena tend to be helpful qualification for criminal court debates in regards to the alleged fresh challenges connected with our nights.

In co-operation with some of our partners we reach will give down-padded coat canada goose parka outlet online diverse excursion- in addition to collateral system. Explore that Saxon Kings’ outdated residence metropolis and down-padded coat canada goose parka outlet online has the current change for better. Get to learn the outstanding cultural regions of the pond Elbe valley to be a crossing place of tradition, science in addition to technology or only enjoy that autumn in on the list of greenest locations of European countries.

To indulge in the 47th “Deutscher Historikertag” you’ll want to confirm your home at some of our partner that “Dresden Werbung und Tourismus GmbH”.

It is possible to sign-up for any convention right until the fifteenth of August 2008 from the following techniques:

You may download the required forms form from www. dresden. de/historikertag

The charge for those four tradition days is actually between 20€ in addition to 70€.

Daily tickets can’t be booked previous to. You can obtain down-padded coat canada goose parka outlet online directly in the convention middle for 20€.

I highly recommend you note: The everyday ticket can’t be used to be able to ride criminal court transport for nothing.


(DVB-ticket = Dresden criminal court transport, bus in addition to tram)

For any conference most people reserved several price ranged rooms in lodges and guesthouses. It is possible to book your own accommodation with all the „Dresden Werbung und Tourismus GmbH“. Students may also book beds from the international guesthouse in the “Studentenwerk”/student products.

During that meeting situations free childcare can be purchased for that convention visitors near to the convention middle.

Phone: +49-(0)-351-463-39049
Fax: +49-(0)-351-463-37100
E-Mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! Sie müssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie sie sehen können.

TU Dresden
Institut für Geschichte
Büro 47. Deutscher Historikertag
01062 Dresden.