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There are certain and imprecise numerics in SQL Server
One question I’ve received is why there are so many different numerical data types in SQL Server. For instance, why have a special data type for money? Can’t we just do fine with integers and floats?

Floating point numerics have been around for a long time, but canada goose lodge down hooded jacket women’s online store have a hidden danger: their results can differ depending on hardware platform. For instance try 2 – sqrt(2) * sqrt(2) which should theoretically be zero. Try this on different computers and you may notice they give different results. This can be very dangerous when moving data from one computer to another. That’s why SQL Server makes a difference between precise (or exact) numerics and imprecise (or approximate) numerics.

Let me illustrate some precautions that SQL Server has taken.

CREATE TABLE [dbo]. [PriceList](
[ProductID] [int] IDENTITY(1, 1) NOT NULL,
[Name] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,
[PricePerMeter] [float] NOT NULL,
[PricePerYard] AS [PricePerMeter]* 0. 9144,

[ProductID] ASC


INSERT [dbo]. [PriceList]([Name], [PricePerMeter])
VALUES (‘Ruby Red’, 10), (‘Marine Blue’, 11), (‘Piggy Pink’, 8);

Now try to create an index on the PricePerYard computed column:

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_PricePerYard] ON [dbo]. [PriceList]

[PricePerYard] ASC

Which gives us error message:

Msg 2799, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
Cannot create index or statistics ‘IX_PricePerYard’ on table ‘dbo. PriceList’ because the computed column ‘PricePerYard’ is imprecise and not persisted. Consider removing column from index or statistics key or marking computed column persisted.

The reason for this error is that having this index could potentially create some really nasty inconsistencies if moving the database to a different server.

If trying to create an indexed view with an imprecise data type in the key you get a similar error message:

Msg 1901, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
Cannot create index or statistics ‘IX_vPriceList’ on view ‘dbo. vPriceList’ because key column ‘PricePerFoot’ is imprecise, computed and not persisted. Consider removing reference to column in view index or statistics key or changing column to be precise. If column is computed in base table consider marking canada goose lodge down hooded jacket women’s online store PERSISTED there.

These problems with imprecise numerics is why it’s very good to have other data types available. Money and Numeric are examples of data types that are precise. In fact all SQL Server 2012 data types except float and real are precise.

So simply replacing float by money or numeric in the example above would make canada goose lodge down hooded jacket women’s online store work.

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A house Fileserver employing ZFS
Howdy Davros,

Thanks considerably!

You implement ZFS by using or with no redundancy, the options is your own. However, as ZFS depends upon data honesty, buy canada goose jacket saskatoon pays to work with redundancy with regard to helping to circumvent data reduction.

I have got a fileserver which uses redundancy by using a sole RAID-Z1 vdev, so which if one particular drive right out the four neglects, the records will certainly accessible, allowing me personally to change the unsuccessful drive in addition to rebuild buy canada goose jacket saskatoon in the existing hard disks. In our case, the power of several drives can be purchased for records, and that capacity connected with one drive must be used for parity records (redundancy).

Redundancy seriously isn’t wasting hard disks, although it may well seem doing this at very first. The a lot more redundancy (insurance) a person build within your records array, the more it’s likely you’ll avoid records loss. As much redundancy you opt for depends on your own budget or even the importance of one’s data — post. e. how keen you’re to avert its reduction.

I have a stop-gap server which uses absolutely no redundancy. It uses a set of outdated, different-sized drives to create a great backup swimming pool.

ZFS has several advantages, including effortless administration in addition to providing seamless having access to vast sums of data and not having to use clumsy size managers. In addition, snapshots tend to be extremely successful, allowing to snapshot crucial computer data to accomplish full & incremental backups quickly, roll backside the report system to be able to before your own failed OS IN THIS HANDSET upgrade, heal previous alter states connected with any report, or actually clone entire file techniques.

ZFS also helps you specify than a file procedure automatically in addition to transparently creates several copies of the file inside it. This will likely be useful for virtually every data that is certainly critical, for example user-generated articles (photography, online video media, source value repositories, docs, spreadsheets etc). This shows that ZFS may read a similar file through multiple particular locations heli-copter flight drive surface in cases when, for case in point, bit go rotten has messed up data inside any report. This feature is named ditto prevents.

ZFS in addition allows sizzling spares that they are included on data range.

Using that above details, you can build a essentially bullet-proof procedure. For case in point, you could create a storage pool including buy canada goose jacket saskatoon like a RAID-Z2 vdev, which often uses that capacity connected with two hard disks for parity. You may possibly also include any hot give up which ZFS may use automatically time that we have of any drive inability. This shows that your ZFS array is now able to rebuild themselves automatically whenever a drive drops dead. Combining this specific array configuration by using selected by using ditto prevents for essential file techniques should develop a system that needs to be extremely impossible to ever before lose virtually any data. After that, to keep this technique protected, you’ll setup intelligent and regular snapshots, send that differences among the snapshots regularly into a backup pool/server, and you’ll want to scrub that array which has a frequency for the use pattern in the system.

I am hoping this responses your concern.


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Leg, Ankle in addition to Foot agony
Thepain. internet UK Ankle in addition to Foot agony bookstore. Ebooks about ankle in addition to foot agony. Powered through amazon. company. uk.
Thepain. internet US Ankle in addition to Foot agony bookstore. Ebooks about ankle in addition to foot agony. Powered through amazon. com.

The thighs continuously carry all the weight of your person in addition to ankles and also the feet manage contact into the underlying surface area. The Reduced Leg includes two prolonged bones. The tibia or even the shinbone is a larger one and also the fibula or even the leg bone is a smaller bone fragments located on the outside of of that leg. That calves own strong muscle groups. The Achilles tendon links the leg muscles in the back into the heel bone fragments. The ankle synovial connects that lower ends in the tibia and also the fibula from the lower limb with all the foot. In the ankle along, the foot includes 26 bone fragments. This construction makes movement that they are possible within various circumstances.

Calf muscle can be painful pain thanks to too high of exercise and deficit of stretching. Sudden stress on unprepared leg muscle or a primary blow may also cause leg pain. Excessive managing up that hills may be a considerable pressure for leg muscles. Certainly several soreness from the muscles is often a normal circumstance after teaching.

If treatment is necessary womens canada goose down jackets is simple and final results are good. In the start, complete rest is necessary until that pain in addition to tenderness disappear completely. It may perhaps take several days or weekly or not one but two. Cold packs initially are helpful. They might be applied several times a day a morning for 15-20 minutes at the same time. Later about heat may give a better end result. Massage in addition to stretching may be used to relax that muscles. Leg muscles tend to be easy to be able to massage by yourself. It needs to be done by using gentleness with no excessive power. Also over-the-counter pain medication can be purchased for do-it-yourself treatment if required.

Shin splints or even tibial pressure syndrome is often a term helpful to describe pain at the front end of that lower lower-leg. Athletes often be afflicted by the shins in addition to calves thanks to muscular progress after training. When that membranes around them usually do not grow in the same quote, the muscles have got to function using this type of increased pressure which may bring about pain. Shin splint agony is regarded as born through overuse or even repeated pounding in the feet worrying the tibia in addition to surrounding muscle groups and leading to irritation. Flat toes or unacceptable footwear may perhaps predispose to that problem.

Shin splints are among this problem. With shin splints, initially agony during exercise can be experienced from the inside division of the tibia. Shin splints normally usually do not develop without delay, but, in particular, after any extensive teaching period. Problems normally start once excessive extreme training within sports or by way of example in that army in the course of basic teaching with plenty of marching. Because the problem becomes worse, that pain is actually felt once each training session in addition to sometimes the idea lasts with regard to hours. Examination illustrates tenderness within the tibia. The shin muscle groups may think tender also. Sometimes x-ray or even MRI I required to eliminate pressure fractures and various possible disorders.

Treatment includes choosing a break through exercise. Anti-inflammatory agony medication in addition to cold compresses tend to be useful. Discussion with all the coach needs to be held whether womens canada goose down jackets might be needed to be able to change that running design, for case in point. Attention needs to be paid to be able to muscle firmness and stretches. If the relationship does not necessarily improve, surgery sometimes may be used to make a lot more room for any muscles through opening that membranes around them.

Restless legs is a condition where there’s nighttime shivering, tingling, pain or even burning from the legs which forces that sufferer to receive up in addition to move that legs to be able to relieve that symptoms. Moving that legs gives at the least a short-term relief. It really is customary to obtain also arm or leg jerking while asleep.

The disorder usually impinges on both thighs. Moving that legs or choosing a short go around will relax the indicators. Examination won’t prove whatever unusual from the legs. Rarely that underlying cause can be diabetes, sciatica or even anemia. Repeated night time waking may cause insomnia.

Diagnosis bases to the typical background and doctor´s exam. Sleep combination is not often used. Sometimes nerve conduction experiments and EMG can be needed to be able to exclude additional conditions.

What causes womens canada goose down jackets for comfortably be managed is unidentified. Hereditary may perhaps play several role. It is regarded as connected to be able to chemical changes from the brain, beginning nerve degeneration from the legs or even beginning circulatory difficulties.

Self-treatment comprises of walks before bedtime. This may perhaps reduce that nighttime indicators. Sleep situations may affect the problem, so have a shot at several to check out which is most effective. Heat or even cool footbaths help some of the people suffering because of this condition. The legs needs to be warmed carefully by using a heat pad in addition to kept nice with socks during the night time. Smoking needs to be stopped in addition to using extreme coffee in addition to alcohol.

Intermittent claudication is a name for any symptom by using an painful pain from the calves—more rarely from the thighs or even gluteus muscles—when taking walks. It is due to reduced the circulation of blood due to be able to arterial calcification in addition to narrowing in addition to hardening in the arteries. It really is one manifestation in the peripheral artery disorder, a frequent problem connected with men more than 50. The chance factors tend to be among people elevated degrees of cholesterol, diabetes, coronary artery disorder, high bloodstream pressure in addition to smoking.

Walking will cause the muscle groups to demand more oxygenated blood and also the calcified arterial blood vessels cannot provide enough bloodstream, which will cause the agony. In the start, the agony may appear only if walking more quickly or for a longer time, gradually symptoms have less stress.

The thighs get frosty easily and show purple. If the circulation of blood is especially poor, that legs glimpse pale. Nighttime agony and coldness can be an indicator of unhealthy gangrene.

Examination shows deficit of pulse, and listening which has a stethoscope uncovers a shushing sound from the veins which might be blocked. Intermitted claudication is actually examined with the ankle-brachial catalog meaning romance between bloodstream pressure from the arms in addition to legs. Doppler ultrasound must be used to determine flow from the arteries. Whenever operation within considered angiography, magnetic resonance or even computer tomography angiography enable you to get an improved understanding in the arteries required.

Treatment includes moderate taking walks and maintaining the thighs in excellent condition. Whenever walks turn out to be terribly limited, surgery can be considered. Quitting smoking is vital so that the circulation of blood in that legs are not further minimized.

Drugs are employed to minimize pain, maintain the blood through forming clots from the arteries in order to lower raised cholesterol. In addition, a treatment to expand the influenced arteries should be used.

Self-treatment comprises of walking at the least an hour each day. Walks needs to be continued clear where that pain turns into quite good. After a short pause, because the pain decreases, moving might be continued. A sensible way to strengthen that calf muscles should be to walk ” up ” stairs in order to make unique exercises because of this at that gym.

Diabetes, by using alcohol, rheumatic joint disease, kidney insufficiency in addition to various chemical compounds may bring about nerve damage from the legs and for that reason pain.

The nerves from the legs will be the longest from the body. For this reason initial improvements in nerve perform often tend to be demonstrated now there.

Leg pain is normally associated by using diabetes thanks to leg neuropathy. Diabetes may perhaps develop nerve damage through the entire body. It may do harm to the ringing in the ears carrying o2 to nerves and to help elements that bring about inflammation within nerves. Anyone who has had diabetes for any long name will think pain more regularly, but fresh patients may perhaps experience this also. Sometimes establishing diabetes treatment makes that pain that they are worse.

The pain is similar to a toothache, experienced deep, burning up or piercing. Numbness or even tingling may perhaps accompany that pain. Over time there can be also losing and weakness in the muscles in the feet.

Examination illustrates changes from the leg reflexes in addition to weakening connected with vibration good sense. Nerve conduction experiments and EMG may usually determine the verdict.

Treatment is normally difficult. Taking outstanding care in the primary disease is vital. Anti-inflammatory agony medication in addition to physical treatment may perform. Electric therapy for any legs in addition to acupuncture can be worth hoping. Neurological medication for example anticonvulsants in addition to antidepressants could help. Severe situations may demand anesthetic types of procedures and a power therapy device put into the spine cord.

An embolus or even a bloodstream clot loose from the arteries may perhaps sud denly obstruct circulation from the legs. The embolus usually proceeds from the coronary heart, aorta, or by way of a hole from the septum in the venous lymphatic circulation side. The obstruction in the blood vessels inhibits tissues through getting bloodstream and oxygen and could lead to be able to death in the starving flesh.

Main symptom is often a sudden, extreme leg agony. The lower-leg becomes ideal in colour, cold in addition to numb. Exam shows absolutely no pulse, coldness, numbness, plus a pale or even marbled body. There can be also muscle tissue pain in addition to spasm and deficit of movement from the leg.

This specific situation necessitates emergency vascular medical procedures, because any leg are not able to be able to survive without the circulation of blood for prolonged. Various exams and imaging techniques can be purchased to discover embolism in order to discover that source. Along with surgery, treatment can also include intravenous procedures for example thrombolytic treatment and treatment.

Results in the treatment be determined by the location in the embolus and also the promptness in the treatment. Arterial embolism is actually dangerous or treated quickly and may lead actually to amputation.

Venous thromboses are seen from the legs. Their possibility increases in particular during prolonged flights. Within this ailment, there’s pain, swelling in addition to burning from the leg. Doctor´s exam, ultrasound plus a contrast choice x-ray exam, lower extremity phlebography, will assist diagnose comfortably be managed. If any venous thrombosis is actually suspected, a visit into the emergency room is essential. The lower-leg should keep on being immobilized in the course of transportation into the emergency place.

The blood vessels return blood into the heart plus a clot in the veins might be transported into the right side in the heart in addition to further in to the lungs. A pulmonary embolus is often a serious condition and can result in death or diagnosed in addition to treated like an unexpected emergency.

The ligaments in the ankle important joints are quickly sprained. They want some elasticity nonetheless if expanded outside its limits they’re just sprained or even torn. The ankles contain the least support every time they are completely extended. A good ankle normally twists back to the inside, which injures ligaments on the outside of. The injuries change from sprains into a complete rip. When that ankle twists facing outward, injury into the bones is more prevalent because the within ligaments tend to be so tough the fact that bone may break previous to they rip.

After that injury there could be local tenderness in addition to swelling in addition to maybe several limitation in the movements from the torn ligament fibres. If there’s a complete tear in the ligament, or any fracture there could be additional movement from the ankle synovial when screened.

Diagnosis is made from typical report of situations and doctor´s exam. Sometimes x-ray is necessary to rule out fractures. Jn more difficult traumas MRI can be needed and therefore determine the most beneficial treatment choices.

Fresh ligament tears tend to be treated by using an adhesive executed. Rest is normally needed in addition to walking needs to be limited for those days or even weeks. Cold packs several times a day a morning for 30 minute or over and agony relieving medication work extremely well as do-it-yourself treatment. If perform level won’t return on track soon following on from the injury, physical therapy is necessary to strengthen it. Surgery is actually rarely used because of this condition.

Following on from the acute agony episode in connection with sprains, the functioning in the ankle might be improved by using exercise. You can start through moving in addition to rotating that ankles in every directions, then stand to the toes in addition to heels. A compact step work extremely well under that forefoot within this exercise whether a wider assortment motion is actually wanted.

In the later step, a equilibrium board is helpful for enhancing ankle perform. Gym exercises which has a personal teacher or any physiotherapist offer a chance to gain improved muscle power to stay the ankle within optimal shape for any future. With all the adequate treatment final results are excellent and normally there is still no issue of before activities.

Arthritic changes from the joints in the ankle in addition to foot usually are not as regular as arthritis in the hip or even knee. In that ankle synovial also within other 40 joints from the foot there could be osteoarthritis, wear-and-tear joint disease or degenerative synovial disease. For it the cartilage in the joint is actually wearing down with era. After this specific the bone fragments surface is actually exposed from the joint and also the joint turns into progressively a lot more painful in addition to stiff. Hereditary will cause may are likely involved in that development. In addition overweight, injuries in addition to fractures within this area predispose to that disease.

Cost-free type is actually inflammatory joint disease. It might be caused in particular by rheumatoid arthritis symptoms symptoms or another systematic disorder. This is often a system-wide disorder and there’s usually agony in additional joints and various symptoms. The diagnosis might be confirmed through doctor´s exam and lab tests.

When arthritis exists, the influenced joint may perhaps feel blister, raspy in addition to stiff whenever moved. There will also work tenderness in addition to swelling in the joint, reduced movement in buying it and frustration of taking walks. X-rays or even MRI may confirm that diagnosis.

That Achilles tendon, that is certainly attached into the heel, may perhaps rupture or even become swollen from overuse, strenuous work outs or additional stress into the tendon. It is just a remarkably good tendon plus it takes plenty of power or even misalignment to create it rip. A tendon rupture might be partial or even complete. An swollen Achilles tendon seems painful and there could be swelling or even thickening in the back in the leg in addition to above that heel. There’s often pain within this same spot when managing longer spins around the block or sprints. Stiffness each day along which has a scratching good may comply with. An irritation generally follows a far more straining training.

Tendinitis handled with anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, cold compresses, in addition to rest. A cortisone shot can be needed. If this may not returning full function in the tendon, surgery is definitely option. Or treated correctly degeneration in addition to prolonged difficulties may always bother.

The pain with all the ruptured Achilles tendon is normally more extreme and quick. One may perhaps hear that sound in the rupturing tendon once the injury happens. It can be impossible to be able to walk to the toes in addition to put weight by walking on along side it of that trauma in addition to walk usually.

The rupture may perhaps follow any rapid rise of strain to the tendon for instance occasional unaccustomed athletics, stumbling or even stepping right into a hole.

Diagnosis is made from doctor´s exam, typical background and information. Sometimes ultrasound or even MRI must be used to state the scope in the inflammation or even the rupture or even the tendon. Partial ruptures can be treated by using cold compresses, medication, cast in addition to rest nonetheless complete ruptures tend to be operated.

Nerves could get pinched guiding the bump within the ankle causing a disorder called tarsal canal syndrome. A trauma, a weighty shoe, rheumatic irritation or a good incorrect position in the ankle will cause this problem.

Main symptom is often a burning agony, not connected with walking, to the midfoot, around ankles in addition to sometimes to the toes. Pain worsens by using activities so when standing for a long period. Pressing that nerve route under that bony part within the ankle may mimic that pain in addition to sense connected with electric present. A nerve organs pathway exam, EMG realises the verdict.

Treatment includes eliminating an unacceptable position or even other frustrating factors. Surgery executed to relieve the nerve is quite rare.

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Indiva Viewers Challenge (IRC) 2014 Berhadiah Laptop
Daftarkan Anda sebagai peserta IRC 2014 dengan cara mengirim e mail dengan ketentuan:

Matter di isi dengan Daftar IRC 2014

Pada badan e mail ditulis: Daftar_Nama_Alamat_No HP_Alamat Blog/website_Jumlah Aim for Buku Yang Dibaca tahun 2014.

Contoh: Daftar_Ardi Syahputra_Jl. Sawo Raya absolutely no. 10 Solo_08197890xxx_ world wide web. boekoeakoe. blogspot. com_120 Judul

Pendaftaran dilakukan ke e mail: publish. [email protected] com

Pendaftaran dibuka pada 12-15 Januari 2014 serta ditutup pada thirty-one Agustus 2014.

Buku yang anda baca bebas dari penerbit apapun (bukan buku dengan konten pornografi, sadisme atau yang melecehkan Islam), bakal tetapi harus ada 10% buku terbitan collection Indiva Storage devices Kreasi (judul serta tahun penerbitan bebas).

Buatlah evaluation buku yang telah Anda baca tersebut serta posting dalam blog/website yang Anda daftarkan. System blog/website bebas.

Over the top IRC 2014 bakal kami kirimkan ke e mail Anda sekaligus sebagai balasan bahwa Anda terdaftar sebagai peserta IRC 2014, serta harus dipasang di website dengan tautan world wide web. indivamediakreasi. com

Laporan buku yang Anda baca serta review dikirimkan maksimal 12-15 Januari 2015 dengan arrangement

Lapor_Nama_Alamat_No HP_Blog_Jumlah Buku Yang Dibaca tahun 2014.

Contoh: Lapor_Ardi Syahputra_Jl. Sawo Raya absolutely no. 10 Solo_08197890xxx_www. bacaankoe. wordpres. com_75

Laporan dilengkapi dengan addition berisi report link-link evaluation Anda di website yang didaftarkan.

Pengumuman Pemenang 12-15 Februari 2015 di web page www. indivamediakreasi. com

Peserta wajib mem-follow akun tweets @penerbitindiva serta dianjurkan me-mention akun tersebut jika telah me-review buku yang dibacanya dengan menyertakan website blog-nya.

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2012 as high as Princecraft Boats Holiday DLX WS in Prince George, BC in Prince George, British Columbia
Live Well, 7? Lockable Rod Storage, 60ELPT EFI 4S Mercury Motor and Karavan Trailer included.
Draft: 2 ft. 2 in.
Beam: 7 ft. 0 in.

Fuel tank capacity: 20
Max load: 1166
Hull color: Black & Gold
Standard features: Center Line: 4. 9m/16? -2?, Beam: 2. 2m/84?, Chine Width: 1. 8m/69?, Maximum Depth: 0. 8m/30?, Approximate Draft: 0. 7m/26?, Transom Height: 0. 5m/20?, Approx. Weight: 378kg/834lb, Max. HP cap.: 45kW/60HP, Max. weight cap.: 529kg/1166lb, Maximum person capacity: 4, Maximum weight person capacity: 302kg/665lb, Bottom: 2. 3mm/. 090?, Side: 1. 8mm/. 072?, Built-in: 77L/20 U. S. gal. ~HULL AND DECK FEATURES 5052-H36 marine grade aluminum alloy NMMA & Canadian Coast Guard certified Flotation to latest Canadian Government and U. S. Coast standards High-gloss, high solids urethane paint Reverse chine hull design Aluminum clad transom Deep self-draining splashwell Twin plating from bow to mid-ship Rigging tube under flooring (bow to stern) Stainless steel bow and stern eyes 4 vinyl cleats BOW RAISED CASTING PLATFORM Deep cycle battery storage compartment Electric-fill aerated livewell Seat mount floor base Storage compartment ~FISHING FEATURES 7 foot lockable rod storage compartment without supports 12V bow trolling motor plug & receptacle and wiring harness Carpeted bow mounting trolling motor pad ~LIVEWELL(S) BOW LIVEWELL (34″, 61 L / 16 U. S. GAL. ) Electric-fill aerated [ SportFlo ] Post-overflow Thru hull-drain Anti-spill cover ~SEATS 5 floor seat bases 2 pedestal folding fishing seats with no-pinch hinges ~CONSOLE Twin consoles with steering system Walk-thru tinted tempered glass windshield w/ door Deluxe dash panel with switches with indicator lights Black plastic insert in dash panel ~INSTRUMENTATION 3 gauges Tachometer Speedometer Fuel gauge ~OTHER FEATURES Electric bilge pump Navigation lights Canvas top snap fasteners 1 interior light 2 cup holders 2 battery holders Pressure-treated wood floor covered with marine grade vinyl
Optional features: ~FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS MotorGuide W55 Wireless 54?, 55 lb. peak thrust, 12V trolling motor Complete beige stand-up high top with tonneau cover and curtains connected to windshield Sun top Mooring cover Trailer cover Lowrance X-4 Pro fish/depth finder with water temperature, gimbal brackets and swivel adaptor Lowrance X-52 fish/depth finder with water temperature, gimbal brackets and swivel adaptor Folding fishing seat with no-pinch hinges Bicycle seat with 27″ post Seat mount with auto-lock handle ~COLORS Red with vinyl floor covering Black with vinyl floor covering ~MERCURY OUTBOARD ENGINE OPTIONS 30ELPT EFI 4S 40ELPT EFI 4S 50ELPT EFI 4S 60ELPT EFI 4S ~STANDARD TRAILER(S) AVAILABLE IN PACKAGE Standard black bunk style trailer Single axle Carpeted fixed bunks and load guides Built-in steps and composite fenders Bearing protectors and swivel tongue jack 2″ ball coupler Factory balanced steel wheel 1 084 kg (2 390 lb. ) carrying capacity Radial tire size: ST175/80R13 C Weight: 150 kg (330 lb. ) ~TRAILER OPTIONS Galvanized trailer? upgrade exchange Heavy-duty galvanized bunk style trailer… upgrade exchange Swing tongue Deluxe transom tie downs? /pair Transom saver motor support bar 13″ painted spare wheel with 5 lugs 13″ galvanized spare wheel with 5 lugs ~TRAILER COLORS Galvanized – OPTION Black
Stock number: 20207.

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As to why my email broke!
Today I found out that I wasn’t receiving email correctly. This was pretty distressing given I was awaiting the result from the first round of SVIP (Silicon Valley Internship Programme) interviews.

Over the weekend I switched my blog over to Ghost running on Red Hat’s awesome OpenShift platform. Before this, my domain name, ‘prydoni. us’, used to point to my VPS’ static IP and I had MX records set up for Google Apps Email.

To point my domain to its new home on OpenShift I needed to change canada goose gear up outlet to a CNAME record pointing at my sub-domain, since OpenShift doesn’t have static IP addresses. It turns out though, that CNAME records don’t play nice with MX records.

If a CNAME RR is present at a node, no other data should be present; this ensures that the data for a canonical name and its aliases cannot be different.

What seems to happen is the lookup ignores the MX records set up on the root domain, and instead looks for MX records on the host domain (in this case, the OpenShift sub-domain).

A simple enough workaround is to setup the root domain as a 301 redirect to a sub-domain that has the CNAME record. I already had http: //blog. prydoni. us with this setup, so redirected http: //prydoni. us to that and voila! Emails started coming in again! Looks like I am going wake up to a whole load of missed emails tomorrow though, awesome…

On the bright side, I got through the first round of SVIP interviews! Looking forward to hearing from the awesome startups I’ve been matched with!

I recently had an interview where I was asked to implement a key-value store with a twist, in a language of my choice. For straight-forward programming tasks like this, I like to use Ruby.

Since I can’t mention the actual problem I was given, I will describe a different, simpler problem to illustrate the power of syntactic sugar in Ruby. Let’s implement a key-value store that capitalises values (assuming all values are strings). We can make use of the built-in Hash library so that we don’t have to fuss around with hash functions and the like.

A simple implementation of the problem would be like so:

We simply keep an internal hash table, whilst adding our own accessors to handle the capitalisation of values. Again, we’re assuming that all values will be strings, so we can omit a type check.

We can now use the capitalised key-value store like so:

This is the general solution that one could implement in most languages. However, we can leverage Ruby’s syntactic sugar to make this more interesting. I’m just going to throw some code at you:

All we have changed are the method names. Hold on though… can square brackets really be the name of a method? How odd.

Let’s take a look at Ruby method naming conventions to understand a little more about what we’re doing here.

Method names may contain letters, numbers, an _ (underscore or low line) or a character with the eight bit set.
— Methods – Ruby Doc

The documentation goes on to say that method names may end in either:

An exclamation mark — to indicate that the method modifies the receiver

A question mark — to indicate that the method returns a ‘truthy’ or ‘falsey’ (All objects can evaluate to true or false) value

An equals sign — to indicate an assignment

In addition to this, method names can also be standard operators (+, -, *, / etc. ), but these only accept one argument. Unary operators can also be defined and are suffixed with an @ symbol. For added fun, we are also allowed the array lookup non-operator ([]), which is what we’ve used above.

All of these conventions can be seen in the built-in Ruby libraries.

The receiver, a, is modified directly. The non-exclamation version of String#capitalize will return a capitalised version of a without modifying it.

Returns a true or false value we can use in Boolean expressions.

Provides a setter for the default value returned when a key doesn’t exist in the hash table.

The binary addition operator with one argument.

Array lookup.

So where does all the syntactic sugar come in? If we think about the way normal instance methods are called, we can start to see that Ruby is doing something magicky under the hood for us.

Taking the last two examples, we can call these functions like so:

Ruby implements an object-message protocol such that method calls are actually messages to another object. These messages consist of a name and an (optional) payload. The payload is the list of Ruby Objects that are the arguments of the method.

Since method calls are actually messages, the methods themselves must then be the message handlers — the action that is performed when a message is received. Ruby provides the send method to invoke a message handler in an object.

So the above methods, can also be expressed like this:

However, doing canada goose gear up outlet this way can easily lead to some confusing code, and is not analagous to the way of doing canada goose gear up outlet in other languages. This is where Ruby’s syntactic sugar comes in, allowing us to transform the above into something more natural:

This is more in line with what we see in most other languages, but the important point to take away from this is that Ruby gives us the power to define our own methods that can take advantage of special syntax.

This is an extremely important and useful feature. It allows the programmer to build an API for their objects that conforms to the overall language design. In the FancyCapitalHash example, we can expose the same syntax as the built-in Hash class so as to provide a drop-in replacement.

In more traditional languages, one could implement the assignment syntax using properties (setters), much like attr_accessor does. However, we can apply the assignment syntax to any arbritary method in Ruby — even ones that don’t actually assign anything if we wanted to! This flexibility is one of the reasons why Ruby is home to many DSLs (Domain Specific Languages).

Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body.
— matz

The importance of creativity in web development was emphasised recently in one of my Web Technologies lectures.

You need technical skills for web work, to know how to do things. But you also need creative skills, to know what looks and feels good.

This seems a bit obvious at first; the frontend is what our users see, and so it needs to look appealing and instantly friendly to use. However, frontend technologies are becoming increasingly complex. With the advent of HTML5 and modern JavaScript tools we are able to do more on the client side. To support this, we now have access to powerful debugging capabilities built directly into our browsers. In essence, it seems that the frontend is becoming more of a technical playground than it is a creative one.

As the complexity of JavaScript applications increase, developers need powerful debugging tools to help quickly discover the cause of an issue and fix it efficiently.
— Debugging JavaScript – Chrome DevTools

Complement this with the multitude of CSS frameworks available to us now, making it easier for developers to design semantic websites by conforming to well thought-out standards. This is more in line with traditional desktop/mobile application development paradigms; standard libraries with standard components. I have already spoken about how useful this can be for developers, standards are a good thing. They allow users to become familiar with the components of a web page through uniformity. However, does this not impact our creativity?

It’s not fair to say that every website built using a framework will look like the scaffolding the framework provides. The point is to customise to the look and feel you want, whilst still making use of a set of standard components. Going back to the mobile/desktop application analogy, all apps use the same user interface APIs whilst also being visually different from other apps. However, it makes it very easy to fall into a trap where it’s easy to ignore customisation of the look and feel. It already looks great with little to no effort, why s.

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Spouse and children Feud: Havana compared to. Las Vegas from the 1950s. Component 2
The truly great Havana making boom connected with 1956-1958 noticed the completion in the biggest, most expensive hotel-casinos outside Las Vegas. First that canada goose kensington parka canada for sale are erected appeared to be the glimmering Hotel Capri, today’s 19-story edifice with all the novelty of your rooftop pool.

The Capri’s on line casino was fronted because of the actor George Number who experienced built his / her career trying to play gangsters and at the ready with these folks, such since Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Nonetheless, the Capri’s actual owner appeared to be Santo Trafficante, Jr ..

Next to seem was Meyer Lansky’s mega swank Inn Riviera any 21-story, 440-room work of art of Miami Current design positioned directly to the Malecon dealing with the seaside.

The continue and most significant was that Habana Hilton built-in Havana’s Vedado amusement district in addition to visible through any vantage point from the city.

Living Magazine’sMarch twelve, 1958 concern featured that article “Mobsters Enjoy canada goose kensington parka canada for sale On Stressed Havana in addition to Split Abundant Gambling Income with Batista. ” That piece precise the Havana video gaming scene, identifying the mob’s essential investors which includes Vegas’ Moe Dalitz in addition to Wilbur Clark. The impact left by using readers was than a glittering fresh Las Vegas experienced suddenly arisen from the Caribbean, and was your handmade jewelry of opponent professionalism nurtured by just a corrupt govt.

Life additional reported which, as effect of the on line casino boom, Americans were being flocking since never before into the island as canada goose kensington parka canada for sale move average Habanero appeared to be left wondering the wisdom in the Batista-mobster relationship for Havana’s foreseeable future.

By the final of 1958, that Habana Hilton in addition to Havana Riviera were being bigger compared to any hotel-casinos nonetheless constructed within Las Vegas.

In on the list of grand ironies from the mob’s Havana investment funds, in 04 1958, nine weeks before Batista fled the united states, the The state of nevada Gaming Mother board declared which no members of The state of nevada gaming licenses may possibly also be buyers in Cuban casinos. The decree was a reply to that opening connected with Havana’s major new hotel-casinos, which often, along with all the expansion connected with gambling through the entire island, was working with a measurable affect Las Vegas’ video gaming receipts. High rollers were being choosing that diverse pleasures in the “Playland in the Americas” more than Nevada’s remote computer repair and dusty place.


or even this…

In addition in 1958, Moe Dalitz experienced taken control in the Stardust Inn, and this individual and his / her partners were being still that owners in the Desert Inn. So Dalitz experienced his fingers full whenever he appeared to be forced to select between Havana in addition to Las Vegas which same 12 months.

As an effect, Hotel Nacional on line casino investors Moe Dalitz, Sam Tucker, Morris Kleinman, in addition to Wilbur Clark, who were being all deeply focused on the achievements of Las Vegas, opted to market their Inn Nacional stocks (at a large profit) to be able to Meyer Lansky.

The tumble of Batista and also the arrival connected with Castro spelled the final of that mob’s investment funds in Cuba. To the day connected with Batista’s reduction, the casinos were being smashed in addition to looted.

In addition to what turned of Moe Dalitz in addition to Wilbur Clark? They will became top citizens connected with Las Vegas, the fathers in the entertainment capital in the world.

In addition to Lansky?